Recommendation for Fredy Ordóñez, personalized Spanish lessons

If you would like some personalized tutoring to help you improve your Spanish pronunciation, grammar, conversational skills, get some cultural lessons about Ecuador, etc., then I highly recommend Mr. Fredy Ordóñez.

Fredy started his studies in Tourism in 2006 and then changed his major to Spanish Language and Literature in 2008. He’s currently pursuing his Masters in Tourism. He has worked as a Spanish teacher for over 12 years, both in Spanish language schools and other academic institutions. Currently, he is self-employed and tries to combine both education and culture, working in private classes and arranging cultural trips around Ecuador.

Fredy is a well-trained teacher with a deep understanding of his native tongue, as well as being fluent in English. I’m finding his lessons to be lots of fun, as he teaches me how to pronounce Spanish like a native speaker, answers my many questions, gives me short cultural lessons about Cuenca and the surrounding areas, helps me to understand the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of Ecuador (along with local politics), and just generally makes me feel more comfortable using Spanish. I love that he mostly speaks Spanish during our lessons so I have practice listening, and he has me read aloud to work on fluency and pronunciation. He’s extremely personable and knowledgeable, a joy to be around.

You can reach him on WhatsApp at +593 98 344 8505. His Facebook page is

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 344 8505

Recommended by Marla Hill:
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