Big dogs: we have you covered

You guys, we have it for you, whatever you need. I know, it’s almost as if big dogs don’t exist in Cuenca. Cuenca suppliers just haven’t been thinking about you. But we are focused on you.

We have toys you can really chomp on and share with buddies (including your human). Toys that squeak. Toys that don’t break when you bring them home from the store.

We have all-meat bully sticks. I knew you’d like to hear that.

We have beds made just for you, with firm mattresses and a bolster to lay your head on, and with fitted covers — easy to wash (‘cuz, guys, you can get a little smelly after a while).

We have leashes and harnesses (in two models) and head halters (in two models) to help your humans enjoy your walks as much as you do. Maybe you’ll get out more. Like that?

We have diapers for you senior fellows, so you don’t embarrass yourselves.

And, we have more stuff coming in next week.

Put us on your Christmas calendar. We will be having open houses every Saturday in December.

Call or text for the address in El Vergel.


Heather Conley
099 900 3991
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