Recommendation for Wes the Mentalist, entertainer

I have recommended Wes’s show in the past, but last night was an entirely new show for us. Wes is a real showman who provides quality stories as well as truly amazing feats of mental telepathy.

One example from Thursday night’s show, Wes had me draw something on a piece of paper which I then put into an envelope and sealed it. Another person was to write the name of a childhood pet and seal that in an envelope. Wes was nowhere near our table as we were following the instructions.

As he stood in front of the audience, he wrote the name “Smokey” on a small white board. This was the exact name our friend had written and sealed in her envelope.

He had me stand beside him as he covertly drew what he thought I had drawn on my paper while chuckling and saying “How seasonally appropriate”. When he was done, he asked me to replicate what I had drawn on a second little white board. Without looking, we exchanged whiteboards. We both had Jack O Lanterns.

It was a fun filled evening and highly recommended.

Address: Cuenca

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