Recommendation for Jose Gabriel Cabeza, personal trainer who gets you results

Hi, My name is Amy Sindicic. I am new to Cuenca. I arrived in May of 2021. I have gotten serious results with my personal trainer, Jose Cabeza.

Please see below a before and after photo. The before photo was taken 3-years ago with my first personal trainer with whom I lost 25 lbs. in 6 months. He got angry when I took meds and gained weight and so I stopped working out till I met Jose Cabeza in May 2021, weighing 282. After 5 months of training 3 times a week, my weight was 238. I started taking meds again and gained 5 lbs. in a week. Jose designed a diet and my weight is below 236.

Address: Home visit or gym of your preference

Contact information: 098 708 4339

Recommended by Amy Sindicic: 095 873 7723

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