It’s all pork this week at King Smokehouse

Felix just posted a recipe for (soon to be famous) Southern Country Cornbread. Guess what? You can do something else delicious, simple, and satisfying with that same cornbread; stuffed pork chops. Did you know that King Smokehouse has the most tender and delicious and thickest porkchops in Cuenca? When he says delicious, he is not kidding. These tasty treats come two to a pack and are market priced by weight at only $4 per pound. You will not find a better chop anywhere. So why stuff a perfect chop? To make it even more (if possible) perfect. So, so easy:

Make the cornbread stuffing recipe (if you cannot find it just let us know and it will be in your inbox or WhatsApp) and let it rest while you prep the chops.

Take a succulent chop and cut a pocket 2/3rds of the way through the chop. Rub the chop with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Heat olive (or other oil) in a sautee pan until the oil shimmers. Pop in the chops and let sear until brown. Flip over and sear the other side. Let rest until you can handle and stuff the pocket with your yummy stuffing. Put a toothpick through the chop to hold together and return to the pan. Place in a 350°/180 C oven, covered for 15 minutes (or until 155 degrees). Take off lid and let crisp up.

Serve with your favorite sides and enjoy. Of course, don’t forget all his other amazing products. We are heading into the last week of turkey orders; so, don’t delay, order today.

Daily from 9 AM until 5 PM (Sat. 9:30-4:30). Closed Sunday, Coronel Talbot 8-66 y Simon Bolivar

Felix Salinas: 096 904 7724
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