What is the function of an insurance advisor (broker) in Ecuador?

An insurance advisor in Ecuador can make your life easier in a matter of seconds, he will be in charge of guiding you to the most convenient insurance for you adapting to your budget and your needs. Insurance in Ecuador does not have to be expensive if you are well-advised. Besides that he will be in charge of reviewing your contracts, entering your claims, reviewing your settlements, your payments, he will inform you about your benefits, he will give you your coverage translated in your language and you can feel safe with your advisor.

in Ecuador the process of reimbursement for any type of insurance is different than in other countries. Insurance in Ecuador requires certain documentation that in the beginning will be a little confusing for you. This is another reason to have an insurance advisor who can accompany you to your first medical appointment, who can assist you in case of an accident in your car, who can give you the necessary help in case of an accident in your car; the list could be endless. Having a broker in Ecuador is the best option. A broker is obliged to charge the same rate that you would get in the insurance company because an advisor does not apply additional values for the sale of insurance. Our advice is personalized and free. Do not wait any longer to buy your insurance policy with us, we are a broker with extensive experience. We have a bilingual staff.

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