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I went to a friend’s party here in Cuenca last weekend and was surprised by how they were serving great vodka, rum, gin but with really bad mixers. The following week I attended another get together but our host had pre-ordered already mixed drinks. Mixed by a professional bartender in already mixed glass bottles. I found the cocktails to be delicious. The classics: Cosmopolitan, White Lady and Mai Tai and others. My favorite was the Oreo creamy liquer, the best after dinner drink ever. I was so impressed, I ordered every type of drink they sold, just to have them on hand whenever I had unexpected guests.

They are perfect to take anywhere. Each bottle is 375ml which is equivalent to 4 cocktails. Most bars in Cuenca charge $5 on average per drink so, you’ll be saving at least 50%! The box presentation (which is perfect for any type of gift) comes with 3 ready-made drinks of your choice for $25 or you can buy them separately for $9 each. You can store them for weeks if you keep them in your refrigerator and drink it when you like. They are ideal to share with friends, safe for parties and meetings because it is the perfect size for one person. It can be served in a glass with ice, mixed in your shaker or taken straight from a chilled bottle

They are not a physical store, they sell on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Email for now, here are your contacts and a few photos.

WhatsApp: +593 99 922 4425

Address: Online store

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