Let your dreams be your wings

We often meet people who constantly pursue their dreams in an unattainable way, others who fulfill them and others who surely do not achieve them or have not achieved them, either due to lack of constancy, fear, depression or an infinite insecurity that haunts them every day.

Cuenca’s Hearts of Gold won a contest that would benefit 30 of the children, who are part of our program “All Children Deserve to Dream”. This gave us the opportunity to fulfill the dreams of these 30 children, by inviting us to celebrate the 201 years of Independence of Cuenca through a comic book program, where children would be able to meet the protagonists of their favorite movies and TV series.

On Wednesday, November 3rd, we went to the Mall del Rio and gave balloons to each of these 30 children. We ventured into “Cultura Comics” and we were able to see dinosaurs, Scooby-Doo and his gang, Batman, Mickey and many other characters. We expected to see a particular reaction from Junior, since his favorite character of all time is Batman. When Junior saw him next to the Batmobile, he was filled with emotion and he ran to hug his hero. He could not believe he was next to his favorite character! When the tour and the show was over Junior said, “today I have fulfilled my dream, it is something I never thought could happen to me”.

We want to make these dreams come true. We want these dreams to be embedded in the deepest part of each one of our children allowing them to feel courageous and important, capable of advancing towards any goal.

The Dream program is an invitation to strengthen that resilience to fulfill dreams and that desire to move forward. One of the goals of the Dream program is to break those negative paradigms that society itself has imposed. You can always change your destiny, and you can end that doubt called insecurity and most importantly follow the path of your dreams to the end. It is worse to regret thinking about what would have happened if…? than to say, “I did the best I could”.

Camila Moscoso: morellana@heartsofgoldfoundation.org .

City: Cuenca

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