Hogar De Esperanza’s “TugZ 4 DogZ”

As a dog owner, has this happened to you?

–You buy a cheap toy at Coral only to have your dog destroy it in 10 minutes
–You are lucky to find a sturdy rope toy at a Cuenca pet shop, but once it’s worn out (no toy is indestructible) you return to find it’s out of stock
–You spend big bucks to import dog toys from Amazon, only to discover your pooch isn’t interested

We are excited to announce a new project for our clients who attend our art workshop, weaving fleece strip tug toys made from blankets sold at Coral. We call it “TugZ 4 DogZ” and they now are for sale at the Expat Service Center for $6.

The workshop has become not only a place to gather socially, but unfortunately for too many it is also a safe place to spend a few hours outside the home. They would be excited to participate in making products that would generate income for Hogar.

An expat has donated the sales display and has made the initial inventory. Now all that is needed is a market.

Don’t have a dog? Buy a tug and drop it into the green donation basket and it will be donated to the rescue dogs at FAAN.

Want to donate blankets? We use the “una plaza” size, 150cm x 180cm, that reduces strip cutting to only the width. Come pay your bills and drop the blanket donation in the green basket.

Can we count on the expat community to be our market? If this proves successful, we are already thinking about expanding the product line to include rope knot toys.

Please provide feedback in the comments. Thank you!

Jeenner Angulo: services@hogaresperanza.org 099 094 7611. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca
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