In-person session, Ana Luisa Spanish Classes. November 8th, 2021

We are so very thankful and grateful for your confidence in our program. This is what we love to do and want to keep sharing with you the value of the Spanish language and the richness of our culture in order to learn, have fun and make friends.

We invite to try and be part of our in–person Session
November 8th – December 17th, 2021

Join us for a six-week program based on the Oral Approach Method to develop conversation skills using an innovative story-based method that puts fun back into learning. Read easy Spanish novels and personalize the information. Classes involve students in cultural activities and trips to communities.

Learn Spanish with us; not only study it.

All levels: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Each class includes 18 hours of instruction over a 6-week period and meets twice per week for 1.5 hours.

Tuition: $100.

Cultural Lecture: December 8th, 3:30 PM, Traditions in Ecuador Holidays
Optional student trip: December 18th, Trip to Cañar – Christmas Holiday with Children from Community.

Classes will meet at Raquel Steak House.
Address: Puente Juana de Oro y Paseo 3 de Noviembre.
To see the map:

To determine your level, please take the exam by clicking on the link.

Contact us to sign up.

Puente Juana de Oro y Paseo 3 de Noviembre

Ana Luisa Alvarracin
099 835 8680

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