My Facebook account has been “locked”, has this happened to others?

My Facebook account has been “locked”, has this happened to others?

I followed several of the Ecuador groups there and received some great information but now, with my account being locked, this is my only venue for info and while it’s very informative, much of the time, it also is limited to mostly what’s going on in and around Cuenca. Cuenca is a fine place, no doubt about that but I won’t be in Cuenca for a while yet and I’m not so sure that Cuenca will be my only or final destination. Even for a small country, Ecuador still is a pretty big place, all in all.

So, my question or request today is where else can I find information about what else goes on in Ecuador and especially about expat goings on in other parts of Ecuador. I’m arriving in Quito next week and I had a lot of information about volunteer opportunities there in Quito that are now beyond my reach due to my account having been locked.

If you have knowledge or suggestions that you think I might be able to use, please pass them along. I don’t know if mine was a random incident or what may have caused such an action to have taken place but from looking on the internet, I see that I’m not alone in experiencing such a “lockdown”.

Thank to you all, in advance!


City: Quito

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