Yoga and Emotional Detox Retreat in Vilcabamba

Save the date. October 21st to 26th
Immerse yourself in this inner soul work

Our aim during this Retreat is to create a space to connect and explore ourselves through quiet and mindful yoga, meditation and pranayama practices, so that we can identify emotions, feelings, burdens that we are ready to let go as well as to renew and restore our own energy.

We also have special workshops to recognize and manage emotions, to liberate and transform them so that we can finish this year renewed. Letting go of emotions, thoughts, worries, that are not helping us and that we don’t need so that we can feel lighter, creating space for new things to come, using fresh energy to start projects or to finish old projects. Allowing prana -the vital life force- to flow, life can flow as well. Izhcayluma is the perfect place for this retreat as it is high vibe space, surrounded by nature, it has the most amazing yoga shala. It is indeed a little paradise.

The retreat includes:

– 3 nights’ accommodation at Izhcayluma Eco Resort
– all meals
– yoga and pranayama
– yin and restorative yoga classes
– theory and practice of our five bodies
– emotional freedom techniques
– reprogramming techniques
– activities in nature

Holding you kindly during the experience: Alexandra Molina, Vanesa Paladino and Maria Alliaud

For more information please email us

October 21st to 26th, Starting at $214, Hosteria Izhcayluma, Vilcabamba.

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