Trading a Nikon D40 camera for something of my interest


This is Javier Vanegas. A few people have done business with me of different kind and I’m known around.

I have a D40 professional camera which is in a functional and reliable state (although not as new). I have been using it as an enthusiast more than anything, and I’ve taken plenty of pictures with it. However, I have the difficulty that I was only able to get it with a long-distance lens (55-200 mm) and I don’t really want to invest in buying a short range lens.

It is simply not that useful to me as a regular digital camera with good MP and filming capabilities.

I just want to trade it as it is, including the 55-200 mm lens and a camera bag (Look brand), with a 4 gb SD card as gift, hehe.

I would like in exchange any of the following:

– A regular digital camera that is at least 15 MP and has HD video recording capabilities.
– An electric scooter
– Gold, silver and/or cryptocurrency that we agree upon.
– Good condition office desk and chair
– A reliable medium tier cellphone.
– A good computer monitor/TV
– A good close-to-new tablet/kindle.
– A slow masticating juicer (Omega/Champion kind)

There could be a few more things I might be interested in and you can try your luck. I just don’t really want the dollars at the moment (unless a good offer).

Please contact me for photos, I got WhatsApp, Telegram and signal.

Javier Vanegas: 098 954 6281.

City: Cuenca

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