Recommendation for Mother and Son, meal delivery or pick up

Because of health reasons, not Covid related, I finally had to admit that I was not feeding myself in a manner that supported my well-being. What was easy was not nutritionally sound. I also found that I was discarding food that seemed like a good idea in the grocery store, and not such a good idea after it was in my refrigerator. Delivery to my apartment is complicated and expensive. Therefore, I finally turned to Mother and Son.

The meals are individual and are accompanied by 8 ounces of soup and a small salad. I have found the individual meals beneficial because I do not have to finish, or throw away, a larger portion that I do not enjoy.

I find the entre is usually enough at midday so I combine 2-3 salads or 2-3 soups for an evening meal. This also makes them more cost effective as 7 meals become 10 or 11. I only order and pick up once every two weeks. I also order some things off the regular menu. The orange-cranberry scones are yummy. (I do admit that I also have Chinese takeout once every two weeks which usually accounts for two more meals.)

I am feeding myself better. I feel better. My interest in doing some of my own cooking is improving as is my ability to do so. (Fortunately making Hot and Sour Soup is not rocket science or hard work, and mine is yummy.)

Address: Jazz Society Cafe, Los Cedros y Los Claveles, Cuenca

Contact information: 096 322 3377

Recommended by Nancy Belle Hofmeister:

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