IESS enrollment question

I received my cedula less than a month ago, and would like to apply to enroll in IESS. I have made multiple attempts to enroll online, but each time it seems to fail and hang up close to the end of the process (after receiving a code number in the email or after clicking to say that I accept the payment of $x per month.)

Could this be because I am applying prematurely and must wait three months after receiving the cedula before starting the application process? Perhaps they have no message to say that the application for registration is premature, so it just hangs up? Or is it another problem?

Anyone have any ideas or experience of this?

Also how are the payments made? The application process so far has not asked to have a payment method input by me, so I don’t know if it will accept an overseas (US) debit or credit card, but, I am planning to open an account with JEP, so the issue may be moot.

Jonathan Mason
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