New Fractal — special lunch promotion today- 2 bottomless options

The New Fractal Restaurant / Club is open in the old Eucalyptus/Liron Liron location. Beautiful and spacious, with great ambiance and a pleasing menu, including vegetarian choices, made from the freshest organic ingredients available.

Special promotion today — $3 almuerzo includes 2 “bottomless options”:
This special applies to Wednesday, October 13 only.

–Soup: Meat choice–Lentil Soup with chorizo and sausage (Potaje Lenteja con chorizo y salchicha Vegetarian choice: Vegetable soup (Sopa de Legumbres)

–Entree: Meat choices: Chicken Curry (Pollo al Curry) or Spaghetti Bolanesa (Spaguitti Bolanesa) Vegetarian choice: Vegetable Stir Fry with Soy (Vegetables Mediterranea con Carne de Soy)

–Dessert: Apple Cake (tarta de manzana) “Bottomless/All you can eat”

–Juice: Pineapple Juice (jugo de pina) “Bottomless/All you can eat”

Or order a la carte. Brand-new menu with Chefs Paulo y Omar, who specialize in high quality organic gourmet cuisine.

Normal almuerzo price is $3.50, with a different offering daily.

This special applies to Wednesday, October 13 only.

Watch for our Grand Opening (coming soon) with music, and for weekend live music with mixed drinks and super cold beer.

Unlimited delicious, fresh, organic coffee at all breakfasts.

We invite you to see what the New Fractal is all about!

Fractal, Gran Colombia 9-41, entre Padre Aguirre y Benigno Malo

Ana Vanegas

098 906 8972

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