Indigenous Peoples Day and Ecuador’s Kichwa People

October 11-12 honors indigenous peoples internationally. Here is one way that you can choose to support indigenous people here in Ecuador today.

More and more indigenous youth are choosing to speak only Spanish. They have been advised to abandon their own beautiful native tongue as yankashimi, a worthless junk language. These youth need to learn directly from proud indigenous teachers that the Kichwa runashimi is kurishimi, a golden language. Kichwa is not a junk language to be sacrificed on the altar of modernity.

The keys to indigenous traditions, spiritual beliefs and ancestral knowledge are held within the endangered native languages of indigenous peoples. Here in the Ecuadorean Andes, if the Kichwa language dies along with this generation of elders, the traditional ancient Kichwa culture preserved inside the language will soon vanish as well.

Kichwa culture is still alive in the Kichwa people of Ecuador today! It is regenerated daily by runa who honor their traditions and speak the Kichwa language called runashimi in Ecuador’s beautiful Andean rural mountain communities.

But without substantial support for the revitalization of their living language, these indigenous leaders foresee a future where their beautiful dress, ceremonies, ancestral medical knowledge and musical traditions will someday be better represented in anthropology books and museum displays rather than real life.

The Wichana Foundation’s local partners at the Kichwa Cultural Center “Muyumi Kanki” are working hard to teach young people the cultural value of speaking their own language as well as European languages.

Your donation for the purchase of educational materials will help an outstanding indigenous-led effort succeed in its mission to revitalize kurishimi, the golden language of the culture, and with it keep the Kichwa culture alive in Ecuador.

In honor of Indigenous People’s Day, won’t you please help them succeed in their mission of preserving their valuable Kichwa language and culture? or contact us through the email below at our US-based 501C3 registered charity for other ways to make your donation and preserve their living culture.

Yupaychanchik. We thank you! Wichana Foundation

Wichana Foundation: .

City: Cotacachi

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