How do we guarantee and maintain a 100% rate of approved visas?

Expat Community is a firm that has been working for 8 years in foreign service. In these years of experience we have achieved the necessary expertise to advise our clients on which visa is perfectly suited to each specific case.

Once we find the visa that fits each client, we carefully prepare each file that we present to the Ministry of Human Mobility.

In addition, we avoid to our clients the continuous visits to the Ministry in Azogues since part of our services include a power of attorney that authorizes us to carry out all the necessary processes to obtain the visa in each case.

The peace of mind of avoiding an inadmissibility on your visa is worth it when professionals are in charge of your legal processes.

Leave the stress of your legal processes to us and enjoy your time in Ecuador.

Visit our website:

Av.Florencia Astudillo, Camara de Industrias Building, office 604

Karina Urgiles CEO
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