‘Good France’ at Le Petit Jardin

This weekend, we will be offering something a little bit different at Le Petit Jardin.

Every year, French embassies around the world recruit restaurants to participate in Good France – a celebration of the best in French cooking.

This year, the featured region is Centre-Val de Loire. Often called “The Garden of France”, it is renowned for its abundant food riches – asparagus, black truffles, artichokes, saffron, all sorts of fruit, and five distinct goat cheeses crowd the baskets at local farmer’s markets.

So, for the last couple of weeks, I have been cracking my old cookbooks to find some new recipes that represent this region.

Join us this weekend and enjoy some of the typical cuisine of the central Loire.

Please email or call for a reservation.

October 16 and 17, noon – 8 PM, $12-$16 (main course), Calle de los Brevas, San Miguel de Putushi, Cuenca.

Giovanni Cambizaca: lepetitjardinecuador@outlook.com 096 819 1518
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