Introducing JLDesigns 3D printing

We would like to introduce you to JLDesigns 3D Printing. It consists of my wife and I starting on a new adventure. What are we doing? We are creating unique products for your unique space by using the process of 3D printing. We have had a soft opening for the last couple months and are getting all of the details ironed out. We will come out with at least one (normally more) product per month that will be a limited run item for that month. Then the next month we will do it all over again. For the time being we are mainly communicating on Facebook in our JLDesigns group. We would love to see you come and join us. Just follow the link below and join the community we are building. If you’re interested in any of the products we bring to the group you can just send us a private message through the group, contact us on WhatsApp, or email us at All orders will be delivered on Thursdays and we will set your specific delivery needs when an order is placed. Thanks for your time and we hope to see you in the group. Below are a few photos of October’s products, and yes, we still have a few in stock if you are interested.


Justin and Lenore Rogers:

City: Cuenca

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