Hacienda Chan Chan dairy products

Good day to all of you. This week we are offering two of our tasty cheeses, our Swiss and Pepper Jack. When you first pick up a beautiful slice of our Swiss, you’ll notice its slightly yellow color and nutty aroma. Upon tasting it, you may appreciate how sweet and smooth the Swiss is. Easy to slice and grate, an excellent addition to any food. Our other favorite is our Pepper Jack. Pepper jack cheese is a variant of our Monterey Jack cheese. Our pepper jack cheese is a semi-soft cheese with an open texture and spicy flavor. Although this wheel is not super spicy, it has a peppery taste that melts nicely.

Find these cheeses and all of our dairy products available this Tuesday morning at Dos Sucres, located across the street from the Goza Cafe in the El Vergel area. Pick up some dairy products and fresh veggies from 8:30 – 10 AM. Let me know if you would like some fresh, artisan bread or cinnamon bread…available upon request.

Dairy products include our cheese, Greek yogurt, cream, cottage cheese and chocolate milk. If you can’t make it to the market, order for pick-up at the Smokehouse in San Sebastian Square, Tienda Nectar or for home delivery.

Tuesday, Oct.12th from 8:30 – 10 AM, Dos Sucres-Roberto Crespo Toral 3-56 (9-10 AM), Smokehouse (pick-up Tuesday after 10:30 AM), Tienda Nectar (pick-up after 11 AM)

Julie: haciendachanchan@gmail.com
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