Super comfy Women’s Softinos, casual shoes

I have been wearing my Softinos for a couple of years now and can say they’ve been the most comfy shoes I’ve ever owned. Because they’re getting rather worn by now, I tried to get more of them. The style is no longer made, sadly. Of the three pairs I ordered from abroad (they’re made in Portugal), only one is a size that fits me. The other two are probably size 8.5 American–too large for me. I paid $50 for each pair, plus shipping. I’m asking $75 for the two pairs. One pair does have a pretty inconspicuous oil stain on one shoe caused by an accident during shipping. Check them out and email me if you have an interest in seeing them in person.

Price is firm as it’s already a great bargain.

Elizabeth June Richards: .

City: Cuenca

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