Want to stay connected? Try the Buddy Circle

The Buddy Circle is an easy-to-use emergency monitoring system with which you and a chosen group of friends or family can remain aware of each other’s wellbeing. It has been designed as an automatic daily check-in system, on your cell phone, at a time of your choosing.

Each person can initiate only one circle of up to 8 people. However, he or she can be asked to join any number of other people’s circles if asked to by friends or family. To create a circle, an invitation must be sent to those you would like to be included in your circle.

Once you set a time to be notified, the system will ask you to check in at that time on a daily basis. If you fail to check in, the system will attempt to contact you two more times, at 30-minute intervals. If there is no response after three tries, it will alert your contacts that there is a possible problem. It will also provide your address and a Google map of your location.

The program is available now in English and Spanish in both the Apple and Android app stores. It may also be accessed through one of the following links:

There is no charge to the user.

If you have any questions, you can contact me,

William Dick

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