Temazcal ceremony, ancestral medicine

Vital Energy invites you to the ceremony of the Temazcal, of self-healing and elemental connection, honoring this planting time, raising the purpose of life, to build the destiny that we long for. Namaste. Date: Saturday, October 9. Time: 2 PM. Start Temazcal 4 PM. Place: Sidcay del Carmen-Cuenca. Head: Huitzilli Medicine Woman.

For more information: 098 466 9488. Or send a message to: https://wa.me/message/PSBWQTMOVRLYH1.

If you want to know about all the events we carry out, join the group link: https: //chat.whatsapp. com / JFvnnKihisr5l1KbhD7U3l. Good time.

In Cuenca, Ecuador, Saturday, October 9. at 2 PM, $20, Sidcay del Carmen, Parroquia Ricaurte, Cuenca.

Dhiana Tamya Suarez
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