Paute feria and shopping service – this Friday

Yes, at The Gran Cuchara Paute starting at 9:30 AM is a Feria.

Some of the vendors:
Ana Villalta (Aguacate)
Rosario Inga (colaboró Blanca, Brócoli)
Yadira Loja (tomate de árbol)

Hacienda Victoria
Pamela Torres (Limón, naranjilla, dulces y conservas caseras, cuy)

Cuenca Shop & King’s Smokehouse will be attending.

Please support the community of Paute.

Also a reminder of the shopping service which can be collected at the feria:

New Paute delivery service

To promote community and provide added service to clients in Paute we have the following service.

Once a month, starting on Friday 8th October we will be buying and delivering orders from Cuenca to be picked up at the Gran Cuchara Paute

Cost $10

+ King SmokeHouse Items
+ Cuenca Shop Items
+ Supermaxi Orders (Cost+$5+10% of order)
+ Coral Orders(cost +$5+10% of order)

How it works:
Place your orders of product from Coral, Supermaxi, Cuenca Shop and King Smokehouse via email to
(Payment in cash on delivery or via Payphone link for Cards)

We will coordinate the buying of the goods on the day before. Send you confirmation of what is coming.
Then meet you at the Gran Cuchara in Paute on Friday, 8th of October for you to collect.

This will also coincide with a local feria so you can support the local community.

For those in Gualaceo, you too can order and make a trip to Paute to collect and support the local community.

La Gran Cuchara, Paute

Tyron: 098 402 6399
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