Let’s help Juan Palencia

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here, but we really need everyone’s help right now.

(You’ll have to excuse my kind of broken English)

Let me start by saying that my father has been really sick for the past two months, it’s been hard for my family and me to take care of him as he has really deteriorated a lot.

It started 3 or 4 months ago when my dad started suffering from a really strong nausea that really made a number on him, he was (and still is) 50 at the moment and by the time he had those stomach problems he just kept getting worse.

My dad was really getting stressed at that time and, we can say, that really deteriorated his health to the point that he lost all mobility of his right hand and from that point onward he just kept getting worse and worse to the point he had to be interned in the Regional Hospital (Some people may not believe me on this one, but I like to say that his stress was the main reason he deteriorated so much).

He was there for two months, approximately, and medics made several studies on him. They determined that he had permanent brain damage and they couldn’t do anything else. Dad was given to us three weeks ago and we have to take care of him from home.

Right now, my dad is still in his catatonic state and with respiratory problems due to his brain damage slowly becoming worse to the point that he cannot even talk anymore (It’s the kind of thing that even I struggle to understand).

Not so long ago, we made an airfunding.com campaign to help with his medication and home care and we would be really grateful if you could donate. With just a dollar you’re helping my dad and my family to at least give him comfort while in bed (he cannot longer recover as I mentioned).

Thanks for reading this really long post and hopefully we can reach the goal we have set up on the page with your help, I’ll try to keep you updated on the comments and, again, thank you so much for reading.

Have a nice day!

Side Note: The post has more specific information but it’s in Spanish. Any questions you may have, I’ll be glad to answer them.


Carlos Palencia

City: Cuenca

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