All children deserve to dream

My name is Camila Moscoso and I am a student at the University of Azuay here in Cuenca. I work at the charitable foundation called Hearts of Gold and want to tell you a bit about my experience with “All Children Deserve to Dream”.

Research has shown that 90,000 students do not have or receive formal education, while 15% of students claim not to have had regular contact with their teachers in the last year and a half. These figures are significant because I am sure that the only way to change the world and the best tool for human beings is education. We are going through many obstacles in our country to be educated normally, despite the fact that education is a right that by law must be fulfilled.

Due to the pandemic, and with new regulations, education and face-to-face classes became virtual classes. This has caused endless problems for students because they need technological tools such as computers, tablets, smart phones and internet to access virtual classes. Hundreds of families do not have these technological tools which makes it impossible for the children to be educated.

At Hearts of Gold we know that by encouraging and supporting our children and teenagers to get an education they can achieve all their dreams and goals, so we decided to start by asking them “What is your dream?”

The dream of many children and teenagers was to have some technological tool; a computer, a tablet or a cell phone, that would allow them to access online education and be able to do their homework.

We listened and decided to act as soon as possible to make those dreams come true by sharing the voices of these children and asking for donations to make it happen. We are so proud to know four incredible angels with big Hearts of Gold who donated four computers that will give these children a chance. So, we planned a strategy to make the moment they received the fulfillment of their dream to be as magical as possible.

We called four students telling them that they had to come to the Foundation as soon as possible. What they did not know is the surprise that awaited them. We decorated the place and served snacks so they could celebrate that their dream came true and they finally have the necessary means to receive their education virtually. They can be educated with quality as each one of them deserves.

The children who fulfilled their dream of having a computer were: Melissa and Santiago, two beautiful Venezuelan siblings who were out of school for a long period. They mentioned with tears in their eyes that they never imagined that in Ecuador they could have the opportunity to have a computer since in their own country it was impossible.

Juan Carlos, 14 years old, mentioned that “at last my dream is fulfilled”! Now he can share with his 6 siblings and receive classes on a more regular basis.

Gabriela, 17 years old, dreams of finishing her studies to be able to continue her career in mechatronics engineering. Her eyes filled with tears and she said it was the best day of her life.

Alejandra, the oldest of four siblings, dreamed of being able to attend her classes normally and to have her own computer. She mentioned she loves to do research and that her dream is to be able to write many stories in Word.

To me, as a student knowing the value of having the necessary tools, this is a beautiful story. I know that the best investment is to give opportunities for a better life to those who have been silenced and whose rights have been violated.

We all deserve to dream, and we all deserve to fulfill those dreams.

Here I will leave you the link where you can donate for the “All Children Deserve to Dream” project.

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City: Cuenca

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