10 day meditation retreat – perception of reality

In our present world, especially in the times of pandemic, we often feel trapped, powerless, incapable of really influencing the external factors, which seem to be determining the course of our lives and in the same time overwhelmed by the amount of existing possibilities and digital impulses. This is even more the case if our current personal or professional situation is not ideal. And because we are afraid to lose control even more, we grasp and try to hold on to concepts which feel familiar and safe to us, although deep inside we feel that life has more to offer and that the time for a change has come.

Do you ever feel the same? If so, this retreat is exactly the right one for you. Over the course of 10 days in the jungle of Ecuador we will explore our understanding of reality, concentrating primarily on how we perceive it & how we can co-create it according to our interests. A mix of diverse exercises, group discussions as well as experiences of altered states of consciousness is designed to help us question our personal realities, deliver new impulses & inspirations and empower us towards a conscious reality creation.

October 21-30, 1800, Manglaralto, Santa Elena, Guayaquil.

Iryana: iry@weiterreise.com

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