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Looking for land for sale

Looking for land for sale in Vilcabamba, $50,000

Is it high time to move out to the country and start farming? We are looking to relocate to a property 20 minutes outside Vilcabamba. We are seeking people interested in creating a neighborhood permeated with permaculture values and lots of clean green organic food. We have a 25-acre parcel that we want to offer on. However, we are 5 families with $50,000 each and we want to offer on a $450,000 property. Ideally, we would like 5 more families with $50,000 each to seal the deal. However, if 1 or 2 families wanted to take a bigger share that would work too.

The property is 80% flat and perfect for farming and building homes. There is system of 3-inch pipes bringing water in to the top of the property for easy gravity feed irrigation and home water supplies. There is also a river at the bottom of the property that is directly from the Potocarpus and delivers super clean water from an uninhabited national preserve. You can drink right from the river.

There is internet in the valley, electricity, but cell service is not available, so internet based calls on WhatsApp or telegram, etc. are the way to stay in contact. There is an extensive fruit forest down by the river and we would like to make that a green belt or park for the neighborhood; a park that you can pick bananas, coffee, citrus and more. Each family could eat out of that forest to their hearts’ content.

This is not a commune or group living situation. Everyone will have approximately 2 acres plus a share of the fruit forest and river frontage which will also be common land.

If you think the coming years will be best spent building community and regenerating the earth with sustainable farming practices you may will fit nicely into this little neighborhood community. Aside from growing food and animal husbandry for those that want to do that, future projects will include Hydro powered electric water wheel, and bio digestion to create amazing fertilizer and generate gas for cooking and water heating.

These are my ideas which you can execute on if you like them, or do your own thing, as long as it doesn’t include mining or pesticides which will damage the land and the river that we live from, then have at it! First step: contact us to talk and see if we feel everyone can live peacefully. Step two is we will organize a trip to view the property. Step three: Meet your neighbors. We are still looking at other properties but after 6 months of searching, this 25 acre piece is our favorite one. This concept however is just that, a concept. It is not tied at this point to any particular property as we have not offered on it since we are short and need additional families to join us. If there are no takers, we will look for something less expensive.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Bodhi Kroll: 096 900 7688. Call after: 8 AM.

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