Rain, rain, rain

Everyone talks about how amazing Cuenca is. I’ve been watching the weather reports from abroad. I think there was one sunny day in all the instances I checked over the few months and the rest: rain, rain, rain. Is living in Seattle-like gloom really eternal spring weather?


Medicine donations

I recall someone soliciting donations of unused medicines for a community clinic/pharmacy?

I just got out of hospital with medicines tried and rejected, some full packs. Seems someone needs them and knows how to honestly distribute them.

Please be in touch.

Doreen Dvorin

Pokemon Go in Cuenca

Are there any Pokemon Go players in Cuenca? I’ll be there in Nov. looking for raid, hunting Pokemon, gyms, Pokestops and some good exercise.

I’m a new player but enthusiastic about the game.

Lemme know please,

Terry David Doyle: terrydarc@gmail.com 098 952 5638. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thank you for the donation of two baby strollers; Fundacion Nur

We asked for help to find two baby strollers and we were helped! Thank you to the anonymous donors that made this happen. Your kindness makes a difference.

The Effective Parenting Program supports and educates families during the first three years of life. We are currently working with 20 babies (infants, unborn babies, and children up to 3 years old).

As the Parenting Program grows, we need more baby strollers for:
Maritza’s twin babies (2 months old),
Maria de los Angeles’s baby (one month old)
Francis’ baby (eight months old).
Genesis baby (to be born on October 20th)

If you have a used baby stroller that you can donate, please contact us. We can repair your stroller if needed.

Thank you for your support.

If you want to learn more about Fundacion Nur please visit: https://www.fundnur.org/english/index.html

Nela Navarrine: help@fundnur.org +593 97 937 8786. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

The Hogar takes things up a notch

Foundation Hogar de Esperanza is proud to welcome Shadia Cabrerra as our resident volunteer Psychologist. She is a student from the Catholic University. Next week, she will also be joined by a team of nutritionists and social worker students.

As a teaching foundation, we are proud to welcome these students who do their practicums with us and receive university credits for their work with us. We are committed to offering professional services to those in need. This along with our art, equine, sewing, workshops and other therapies we provide a distinctive approach that provides a well-rounded basis of support. Each week the Esperanza Food Bank and Soup Kitchen provides food and meal supports to many.

To provide this level of assistance, your support is needed. You can make donations through our website at: https://hogaresperanza.org/en/donations/ Thank you for your support that allows students to learn from us while learning about helping others.

Garry Vatcher: info@hogaresperanza.org 099 094 7611. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Jungle Party/ Dance Fest! Saturday, Oct 23rd 5-10 PM

OK, get your jungle gear out–it’s a costume party and we’re gonna dance for 5 hours to two great bands on Oct 23rd. Banana Rock and Gatos Negros ! At the large, new Ha Ha Lounge.

Saturday, Oct 23rd 5-10 PM, $10, Remigio Tamariz 3-17 y Augustín Cueva, Cuenca.

Jan Wallace: LuzVitale@gmail.com

Burdel Blues at Chill and Chela Pub

Be part of a night of live music of classics in English from the 80s and 90s, delicious gastronomy and drinks so you can have an incredible time with your partner or friends.

Cover includes:

-Shot of Cristal +
-Choose: Wine / Tanqueray de Sevilla / High Ball of Jhonny Rojo / Craft beer 500 ml

Enjoy our promos all night long.

Limited capacity. We will be waiting for you.

October 8th at 9 PM, $10, Calle Larga 8-69 y Benigno Malo, Cuenca.

Pablo Castillo: 099 551 9095

Japanese tasting menus that go beyond sushi

Join us this Thursday and enjoy our delicious Japanese comfort food. James and Debby will be preparing menu sampler at the Jazz Society Cafe.
$8 per person

Your meals come with Miso soup, edamame, wakame (seaweed salad), gomae (spinach salad), beef yoshinoya, tempura and katsu served with Japanese rice, plus matcha sponge cake.

Plant-based option
Miso soup, edamame, wakame (seaweed salad), gomae (spinach salad), yasai itame, veggie tempura and portobello teriyaki served with Japanese rice, plus matcha sponge cake.

We will be serving premium sushi rolls, karaage (Japanese fried chicken) & Japanese curry.
Limited seating. Reserve your table now.

Noon to 3 PM, Thursday, 7th of October, $8, Los Cedros y Los Claveles (corner building) one block from Ordonez Lasso, Cuenca.

James Dahili: motherandsonfamilykitchen@gmail.com 096 322 3377

Local talent and the best food in town

Every Thursday night, we invite you over to La Guarida. In our colonial house, you’ll find incredible local artists spilling their soul on our stage. We are the only place in Cuenca where the musician takes center stage and everyone listens. The artists are the happiest with this response as they can express themselves in a less hostile environment where their voices – their music – is heard. We love La Guarida for that and we love that 100% of our admission goes directly to the artist.

This Thursday, we’ll present, local troubadour: Juan Manuel Ochoa. The admission is $5. Dinner is required with your reservation. Please call us for more information at 099 806 8071.

Also, don’t forget that we continue to be Cuenca’s Best Rated Restaurant according to TripAdvisor. Don’t miss this very unique and intimate musical journeys.

October 7th, from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, $5, Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: underalias@gmail.com 099 806 8071

Wednesday films at La Guarida, new matinée

For over 4 years now, we have been projecting films week after week. We have never added a matinée until now. Little by little we have become the only place to watch cult, oldies, independent, international films. In essence, we have the best film schedule anywhere in Ecuador. On top of that, you can eat one of the best meals in Cuenca and enjoy of our own art gallery.

1:30 PM Showing: We start our matinée series with a John Waters’ film. We will project “Pink Flamingos.’ A film that truly disturbs our senses. A confrontational work in its grotesqueness, uniqueness and bizarre nature. Divine, a Baltimore native, steals the show and has become one of most recognizable pop icons. A film not suitable for everyone. Come enjoy a brand-new brunch menu.

6:45 PM. La Llorona.
With the words “If you cry, I’ll kill you” ringing in their ears, Alma and her sons are murdered in Guatemala’s armed conflict. Thirty years later, a criminal case is brought against Enrique Monteverde, a retired general who oversaw the genocide. But he’s acquitted through a mistrial and the spirit of La Llorona is unleashed to wander the world like a lost soul amongst the living. At night, Enrique starts to hear her wailing. His wife and daughter believe he’s having bouts of Alzheimer’s-related dementia. Little could they suspect that their new housekeeper, Alma, is there to seek out vengeance due the unjust trial.

Please remember to make reservations for these films. Two masterpieces on their own right. Two incredible and very different films. Don’t miss out. Call 099 806 8071.

October 6th, from 1:30 PM to 9:30 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: underalias@gmail.com

Andean music band, Ensamble al Sur, to perform at idiomART

For our next Garden Sessions, we have a real treat for you. Ecuadorian band, Ensamble al Sur will be performing traditional Andean music at idiomART!

The band is made up of southern Ecuadorian musicians, Jorge Aguirre (Cuenca), Yarik Quizhpe (Saraguro), Ali Medina y Gaby Carrión (Loja), who play Andean folk music, highlighting traditional instruments such as the charango and different Andean flutes like sikus, zampoñas and quenas. The musicians have participated in various international music festivals in North and South America, Europe and Asia and are considered cultural ambassadors of Ecuador and Latin America.

The Garden Sessions concerts have been a huge success so far and we have been selling out very quickly with a waiting list. For the month of October, we have decided that when we sell out the afternoon show, we will have a second performance in the morning as long as we get a minimum of 20 people signed up.

As always, we will have a cash bar and a local vendor selling delicious snacks.

Please email idiomART to purchase your tickets today.

Sunday, Oct. 17. Doors open at 2 PM and Music starts around 2:30 PM, $10, idiomART is located at: Presidente Cordova, between Miguel Angel Estrella y Manuel Vega (diagonal from Coral Centro downtown), Cuenca.

Sarah HB: idiomartcuenca@gmail.com

Looking for land for sale

Looking for land for sale in Vilcabamba, $50,000

Is it high time to move out to the country and start farming? We are looking to relocate to a property 20 minutes outside Vilcabamba. We are seeking people interested in creating a neighborhood permeated with permaculture values and lots of clean green organic food. We have a 25-acre parcel that we want to offer on. However, we are 5 families with $50,000 each and we want to offer on a $450,000 property. Ideally, we would like 5 more families with $50,000 each to seal the deal. However, if 1 or 2 families wanted to take a bigger share that would work too.


Books available?

Wishing to buy a set of classic books. And, single volumes as well.

Want to read all of John Steinbeck’s novels, and also would like to obtain Leon Uris books, including Trinity, as well.

If you can part with some of your, “must read novels,” I would be very thankful, since time is running out for me to, catch up.

Thank you,

Boyd Garbutt: bogarbutt@aol.com 095 895 3056. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Clay for sale?

Good morning,

Has anyone seen clay (arcilla) for sale? Preferably not powder. Rather, small or medium size dry chunks.

Thank you,

Daniel: dan.d@linuxmail.org


Looking for someone to bring a small item from New York to Cuenca.

Thank You,

James Skalski: jamesskalski1413@gmail.com 099 471 0510. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Experienced stock option trader wanted

I’m an experienced stock trader but have never used options. I am looking to learn basic option trading and, if possible, Level 2 training.

Let me know about your availability, location, fees and experience.

Best Regards.

Gary Kissel: yourlinkcoach@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

Just wish you could get things easily from the USA? No problemo…

You don’t need to sacrifice the quality of your lifestyle because of things that aren’t available to you in Ecuador. You can purchase online all of the items you want including those things you have always wanted but cannot get here. Supplements, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, cooking ingredients, tools, books, DVDs and electronics, home decor items such as area rugs and wall art – you name it.

Get all the things you want to create a more beautiful life for yourself in Ecuador. You can order from Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and virtually any store around the globe. We deliver to your home anywhere throughout Ecuador.

Register on our website and you can start shopping. Bi-monthly emails with SuperSale announcements and other updates are only available to registered customers.

Shipments are legal and are every two weeks on average, so there is no need for you to meet deadline dates because of the frequency of shipments.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln.

Cuenca, Ecuador

USA Valet
099 931 8080

Avenue of the volcanoes tour from Cuenca

Have you heard about the famous Avenue of the Volcanoes? Well, “Polylepis Tours Ecuador”, invites you to take this tour of volcanoes and mountain lodges, a beautiful adventure to enjoy the best landscapes of the Ecuadorian Andes, you will leave from Cuenca and stay in very old haciendas that today are mountain hotels or you can sleep near the most important Ecuadorian volcanoes in a nice mountain Lodge, to watch the sunset and wake up in the midst of all the Andean magic.
On the final day you will have a flight back to Cuenca.
+This tour can be done in the opposite direction.

Departures: July and August
Duration: 5 days, 4 nights (1 additional night is possible to visit Mindo and the Middle of the World)
Price: from $699 pp (min 2 people)

Day 1: Cuenca-Chimborazo- Riobamba
Day 2: Riobamba-Av de las Cascadas-Baños
Day 3: Quilotoa-Pujili-Laso
Day 4: PN Cotopax- Rose Plantation-Pintag
Day 5: Antisana Ecological Reserve- Airport- Flight to Cuenca

It includes:

– Bilingual guide
– Private transport
– Breakfast and a dinner
– Flight by plane Quito to Cuenca
– Tickets
– Water

Does not include:

– Personal expenses
– Meals not detailed
– Tips

Note: To obtain the complete itinerary with the names of the haciendas and mountain lodges. Request by email or WhatsApp

Calle Larga 6-28

099 355 7648

Temporary/permanent visas… 100% guaranteed!!

Don’t overpay getting your visa.

If you are filing for a temporary/permanent visa, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. That’s right. If I don’t get you your visa, you pay nothing. My name is Isabel Mosquera. I am an Ecuadorian, who studied and lived in Canada for many years. I have been a facilitator for over 7 years and have assisted more than two hundred and fifty expats in obtaining their visas, temporary and permanent, cedulas, translations, health insurance, housing and much more. These services are available as one fee package or individually. I own a car, so transportation is always included at no extra charge. I have always gotten my clients their Visas, even under the most difficult of circumstances, such as unreadable fingerprints for FBI reports.

Have you moved to Ecuador without the required documents? Don’t worry, I can help. I offer free consultations, either by telephone, email or in person. I am at the Immigration office on a very regular basis, so I am knowledgeable about all recent changes in the law and am happy to share my knowledge with you. I will be happy to provide you with references.

I look forward to serving you.


Isabel Mosquera
Whatsapp +593 99 960 3663

Can your dog walk reliably off-leash?

Call me, I can help. I am a CTP (Certified Training Partner) of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy.


Heather Conley
099 900 3991

Cat scratchers and towers

Cats are curious, fearless animals and they love to play. Life locked up at home can be boring for them without games or surprises. Remember that they need to meet their needs and scratching is one of their basic instincts, both to file their nails, as a form of play, for anxiety or insecurity or to defend their territory. Many times we get angry because our cat has scratched the sofa or the curtains, but we should ask ourselves, are we giving it any alternative?

Scratchers for cats are a good gift for them, it helps them to stay active and keep their nails in good condition. Plus, it’s yours, yours alone. Something that cats love.

– 5 reasons why your cat should use a scratching post:

1. To keep their nails healthy and strong.
2. To stay active and avoid health problems.
3. To play and release stress
4. To create shelter
5. For their curious instinct.

Constructed entirely of good wood, strong and stable solids, with strong sisal and high-quality carpet cloth.

I have different designs and models. Prices vary from each one.

I also manufacture scratchers based on your budget.
You will like it a lot.

Thank you all very much for your preference and for continuing to support this great project for our cat friends.

Cuenca Centro


Master stylist and colorist with three great offers

Take advantage of these spectacular offers before Sunday, October 10.

Women’s cut and deep treatment: $10
Color, cut, and deep treatment: $45
Men’s cut: $5

These packages are available through Sunday, October 10. Whether you want a trim or a brand-new style, I’ll make it happen for you. These are available by appointment only so please call, message, or email. All bio-security measures are in place at the salon to ensure your experience is safe. I look forward to helping you achieve your dream look.

Camino al Tejar between Duco y Sarar

Armando Sojo
098 385 7531

Have you been thinking of doing physical and mental life changes?

Have you been thinking of doing physical and mental life changes?

This is your opportunity. Enroll in a process where we’ll personally help you to achieve your goals giving your body and mind the changes you need.

Age or physical condition is not an issue. Our method is based on the functional training. It’s all about health wellness.

No matter what your goals are, we’ll help you to achieve them, because your objectives are ours.

José Gabriel Cabeza – personal trainer
Email: jgbs.fitness@gmail.com
Phone: 098 708 4339

Home visit

Jose Gabriel Cabeza

A special October treat from Hilda’s Salon

Enjoy an October treat from Hilda’s Salon – located across the street from Supermaxi Las Americas.
Relaxing 2-hour facials are usually $35. For October only, enjoy two fabulous facials for $50.
Call Hilda at 098 195 6056 to set up your appointments.

Across the street from Los Americas Supermaxi.

Marilyn Appel

098 195 6056

Facilitator – tour guide and driver

Looking for an experienced and reliable English-speaking driver?

With more than 20 years as a professional driver touring Ecuador and with 13 years of experience as a national tourist guide knowing the beautiful places of Ecuador.

My name is Angel Panchez and I continue to offer my transportation services, tour guide and facilitator, trips to the airports of Quito, Guayaquil, to the entire Spondylus route.

-Baños de Ambato.
-Puerto López

I also help with shopping, medical appointments, appliances, furniture, and more.
You can contact me at my email, cell phone directly or my WhatsApp in the following information.

El oro y Galápagos

Angel Panchez
098 589 9643

Energy healing course at Rumisol

Hi Community,

Inviting you to participate in this new 8-week energy healing course at Rumisol Yoga Studio

Tuesdays from 6-8 PM

October 12th to December 7th

In this course we will learn the basics of energy healing through a combination of eastern and western traditions
We will explore healing using the elements, chakras, journeying and ceremony.

The course will cover:

Chakra alignment
Setting up an altar
Connecting with our guides

$75 for the entire course

Registration open until October 10th

Rumisol Yoga – Remigio Tamariz and Augustin Cueva

098 336 9797

Pump solutions cistern technical service

Pump solutions cistern. Electronic pump controller 1″ hp 2″ hp.
Technical service. Guaranteed work.

Santa Isabel -Azuay

Geoffrey Beltran
098 606 6595

Special promotion at CosasPrep – free 32 GB flash drive

For all new purchases over $80 at either store, you will receive a free waterproof metal silver keyring 32 GB flash drive that holds approximately:

6,400 photos, or 80 minutes of 1080 HD video, or 160 minutes of 720 p video, or 3,200 MP3 songs.

This handsome 32 GB keyring flash drive is valued at $12.

What sort of things can you find in our stores?
Security Cameras – indoor and outdoor (with or without solar panels)
Hepa Air Purifiers
Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers
Self Defense Lasers
Language Translators
Power Banks for phone power backup
QI phone chargers (From $15)
And Much More.

Why CosasPrep? Because…
Being prepared feels good!

Inside the Sunrise Café (Calle Larga 9-40 y Benigno Malo) or at our store on Simón Bolívar 13-49 y Estévez de Toral

Kent Mills

All wood, solid good

– Home furnishing
– kitchens
– wardrove
– tables
– wardrobes
– desks
– nightstands
– modern shelves
– different mobile shelves
– kitchen islands
– sets of rooms
– dining room furniture
– sofa beds

We make all the designs in good wood and material of your choice, we do the work to your liking, from the first time a high-quality work with great first-rate workmanship, we work safely and responsibly.

– We upholster your furniture, large or small, chairs, sofas, others.

– We restore and recover your furniture.

– We carry out painting, sanding and lacquering work

We speak English. Thanks for choosing us.

You can see us on Instagram as @paletforniture

Cuenca Centro


Giant Trance 2021 mountain bike for sale

I’m selling a Giant Trance Trail/Enduro mountain bike. The price is $1,800. It was purchased earlier this year for $2,600 and is in great condition. 1×12 drivetrain with Shimano Deore rear derailleur and SRAM Eagle 32t chainring. This bike is full suspension Fox and Marzocchi components. The fork is a Marzocchi Z2 Bomber with 140mm travel. The shock is a Fox Float DPS with 110mm of travel.

Ethan Willis: eow2898@gmail.com +593 96 936 2263.

City: Cuenca

Specialized Epic cross country mountain bike

I’m selling a specialized Epic 29er racing mountain bike. The price $1600. It has Shimano XT 2×10 drivetrain, SLX shifters, Shimano BRM-447 hydraulic brakes. This is a full suspension bike with full Fox components. The fork is a Fox Float 29 with 110mm travel. The shock is a Fox/specialized FutureShock with 110mm of travel. Being from the Epic range this bike also has the Brain dynamic suspension system.

Ethan Willis: eow2898@gmail.com +593 96 936 2263.

City: Cuenca

Many beautiful things – designer decorating and household sale

Many beautiful things – designer decorating and household sale.
By appointment only (please email or phone).

Padre Aguirre 9-40, between G Columbia and S. Bolivar, next to Vatex – call my cell on arrival.

Sale includes new Designer faux fur Throws, Contemporary and Antique carpets all sizes, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Bedside tables, Chairs, Lamps, Antiques and Antique Furniture, Household items, Fine Art Objects and Paintings, Decorative Pillows, linens-placemats, napkins, bedspreads, sheets–Beautiful flatware, New Dinnerware sets, Small appliances, Faux Ficus tree in pot, Electronics, 19” TV with DVD slot, brand-new PAX2 vape and grinder, Crystal and Silver items, Designer Ladies Clothing and Shoes (8-9 US), Indian saris and exotic fabrics and silks for dressmaking, Sealed Fine Perfumes, Jewelry, Books and Cookbooks, CDs and DVDs, routers, many, many things! (Many Items Brand New in Box).

Join us, bring your friends, you will not be disappointed! Items are all collected from around the world, or imported from US. I am an interior designer. High-end items priced to sell—we are making discounts this week. Brose below for a sampling…

See a few of the items at this updated link:

Many beautiful Ladies Clothes and Accessories left! Prices reduced! Updated link:

Mary T: spiritlifting@gmail.com 099 925 8138.

City: Cuenca

Black-out curtains for sale

I have 4 panels of black-out curtains professionally cleaned.

First set is a beautiful gray color with rod rings and I used it in a large window that measured 180×180
The other 2 panels are a brick/coral color 180X180

Jaky: estefanyotero87@gmail.com 096 805 8684.

City: Cuenca

Like-new chest freezer for sale

In perfect condition, Electrolux white chest freezer for sale.

Used for a few months only.
Measurements are: 35″ long by 20″ depth

Jaky: estefanyotero87@gmail.com 096 805 8684.

City: Cuenca

Guitars, amp for sale — must go!

For immediate sale:

Gretsch solid body electric guitar: $400
Squier Jazzmaster electric guitar: $200
Squier P-Bass electric bass: $200

Fender Sonoran acoustic guitar (w/pickup): $400
Acoustic nylon-stringed guitar (w/pickup): $150
Acoustic “guitar-kulele”, 6-stringed ukulele (w/pickup): $100

Crate 15-watt practice amp: $50
Zoom G5 multi-effects pedal board: $100

*** Emergency sale — no reasonable offer refused. ***

Joey Martin: joey.martin.ns@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

Mercedes Benz for sale

Mercedes Benz, year 2001.
Model ML 320
New battery
New wheels
New air conditioning compressor
204 Kilometers.


Carlos Quiroga: zapat43@yahoo.com 098 963 9889.

City: Cuenca

Honey 100% natural

Guaranteed, it has no sugars, chemicals or additives.

Free shipping in the city of Cuenca

1 Kilogram $12
500 Grams $6
240 Grams $3.75
120 Grams $2.50

More info

Esteban: 099 985 3026.

City: Cuenca

Gramm Bulkshop / Brazil nuts

Dear friends, We have Brazil nuts in our store. Here some reasons to eat them:

1. Selenium which contributes to your antioxidant activity and enhances your immunity system.

2. Magnesium which is essential for your DNA and turns fats and carbs into cellular energy

3. Phosphorus for energy and maintaining the chemical balance of your body

4. Thiamin (B1) contributes to the creation of your DNA is essential for your energy.

5. Thyroid Control
The thyroid gland has more selenium content per gram of tissue than any other organ in your body.

We want to reduce the use of plastic, we use paper covers and we invite you to bring your favorite bag, as well as your containers to fill them with the necessary amount.

Visit our cozy store in Sucre 14-14 and Estevez de Toral, near to San Sebastián Park.

We will be happy to assist you.

We also have delivery service.

Marla: 099 505 9604.

City: Cuenca

Marca Pura LED in Cuenca

Visit us at Calle Agustin Cueva 6-17 and Remigio Crespo and you will find the best to illuminate your house and car. We also have the best electric bicycles and electric motorcycles in Ecuador.

Marcelo Jurado: marcapura123@gmail.com 098 389 6436.

City: Cuenca

Many beautiful things – designer decorating and household sale

By appointment only (please email or phone).

Padre Aguirre 9-40, between G Columbia and S. Bolivar, next to Vatex – call my cell on arrival.

Sale includes new Designer faux fur Throws, Contemporary and Antique carpets all sizes, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Bedside tables, Chairs, Lamps, Antiques and Antique Furniture, Household items, Fine Art Objects and Paintings, Decorative Pillows, linens-placemats, napkins, bedspreads, sheets–Beautiful flatware, New Dinnerware sets, Small appliances, Faux Ficus tree in pot, Electronics, 19” TV with DVD slot, brand-new PAX2 vape and grinder, Crystal and Silver items, Designer Ladies Clothing and Shoes (8-9 US), Indian saris and exotic fabrics and silks for dressmaking, Sealed Fine Perfumes, Jewelry, Books and Cookbooks, CDs and DVDs, routers, many, many things! (Many Items Brand New in Box).

Join us, bring your friends, you will not be disappointed! Items are all collected from around the world, or imported from US. I am an interior designer. High-end items priced to sell—we are making discounts this week. Brose below for a sampling…

See a few of the items at this updated link:

Many beautiful Ladies Clothes and Accessories left! Prices reduced! Updated link:

Mary T: spiritlifting@gmail.com 099 925 8138.

City: Cuenca

Recommendation for Manuel Tapia, contractor

Manuel has been doing renovations, repairs for us for the last 10 years.

Anything from a driveway, pool upgrade, water pump replacement, ceramic tiles throughout the house, roof upgrade, calefon repair, electrical work, you name it. Right now, he´s building two houses in the area, and although he´s based in Yunguilla, he´s done work in Cuenca, Challuabamba and Paute.

He´s honest to a fault, and in years past, we have left for extended periods of time while he was doing work inside and outside our house. Doesn´t speak English, but I´ll be more than glad to act as translator to help both sides.

Address: Cercaloma, Abdon Calderon, Yunguilla

Contact information: manuel-t2@hotmail.com 099 263 0840

Recommended by Andre Alban: 098 167 7881 baroqueyes@gmail.com

Recommendation for Olga Silva, a great dentist

A recommendation is a must where it is due, above and beyond a great dentist, she fitted me for a bridge, and it was a perfect fit from the first session, for only $200, with a payment plan as well. Her name is Olga Silva from Venezuela. Give her a try.

Address: av Espana Cinica Espna 4th floor Consultorio 407

Contact information: olguita117@gmail.com 099 854 6671

Recommended by Ali Alkhoja: 098 380 9210

Recommendation for Daniela Cordero/Cuenca Expat Insurance, medical/health insurance

Recommendation for Daniela Cordero of Millennial Broker’s
Cuenca Expat Insurance

We have been using the services of Daniela Cordero for over a year now and she has been a great help to us. We were new expats at the time and choosing medical insurance was confusing and daunting. Daniela provided us with a medical insurance recommendation with BMI Iqualas Medicas and explained very clearly what our options were and helped us every step of the way. As far as service, she has gone the extra mile, even bringing paperwork and refunds to our home at times. Her English is excellent, which is a big plus for us, as we are still learning to become fluent in Spanish.

BMI has been a good company for us as well. What influenced us in our choice was not being limited to a particular network of medical providers. Not being familiar with any of the doctors here, it was important to us to keep our options open. During our first year with them, we have been satisfied with the coverage and were happy that they paid some claims that we were not sure would be covered.

Remigio Tamariz 1-62 y Av. Solano Edificio Office, Oficina 5-5
Cuenca, Ecuador


Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 99 520 6384

Recommended by Ed Cyr: edcyr1@gmail.com

Promotion, cinnamon rolls

Month promotion: for the purchase of 6 large or medium cinnamon rolls we will give you 1 and if you buy 12 cinnamon rolls, we will give you 2. Note: Our products are made at the time of order. Please anticipate at least 3 hours before.

4 medium rolls $3.50
6 medium rolls $5
8 medium rolls $6
12 medium rolls $8.50
4 large rolls $4
6 large rolls $5.50
8 large rolls $7
12 large rolls $9.50
1 Maxiroll $3.50
2 Maxiroll $6

Delivery* according to the distance

From Monday to Sunday. From 8:30 AM to 7 PM, Cuenca

Aile: ailevemartinezc@gmail.com 096 759 8458 Instagram: @familyrollsec

Tanta la Madre Masa

We want to send you a warm greeting from Tanta la Madre Masa, I hope you are well and safe. We are baking new products and always with security measures. It is important to remind you that our breads are sugar free, free of animal products, without chemical preservatives, lactose free and very low in gluten thanks to the fermentation process.

We still have everyone’s favorites:

• Classic sourdough (900 gr.) price: $4

• Whole wheat sourdough 900 gr. (oatmeal, wheat germ, linseed.) price: $4


Extended brunch this week at Casa Micuna

Casa Micuna is open for brunch, lunch and dinner this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Enjoy Fiestas de Guayaquil here at Casa Micuna with the best view, best food and best cocktails.

Friday to Sunday 10 AM – 8 PM, Vía a Chican

Marla Crosbie: casamicuna593@gmail.com 099 878 9779

Hashbrown pizza y chicken fried steak chicken at Kolo’s

Hello friends, hope you all are doing good these days. We want to let you know about this week specials:

Breakfast: Hashbrown pizza, two options with bacon or sausage, sour dough and fruit included and coffee or tea or juice for $6.

Lunch Special: Chicken fried steak chicken, served with gravy, mashed potato or fries and fresh vegetables, iced tea, lemonade or juice included for $7.
Hope you can come soon.

October 6th from 7:30 AM to 3 PM, Calle Luis Cordero #5-65 betwen Honorato Vazquez y Juan Jaramillo .

Frank Gonzalez: frankic85@hotmail.com 099 297 5788

Support the small business

Hello everyone, I would like to tell you that I have a business, in which I am dedicated to making Portuguese egg tarts, cookies with Nutella, coffee and kinder. We also have an excellent coffee jam with and without sugar. If you are interested in seeing more, you can visit our pages on Facebook: dulce y nata, Instagram: dulce_y_nata or you can send us a message.

Monday-Sunday 11:30 AM to 9 PM, Cuenca, Ecuador

Daniel Cordova: danielcordova31@hotmail.com 098 203 4875

Pig & Cow sandwich special

Hi! We hope you are very well! We want to invite you to enjoy this delicious promotion, for this Wednesday. We will have our pastrami and corned beef sandwich made on artisan rye bread, accompanied by coleslaw and potato chips for only $11.

We have parking!

And, this Saturday, October 9th from 10:30 AM we will continue with the Pig & Cow Fairs! All the artisanal options to enjoy with friends or alone. French sweets, Italian sauces, peanut creams, healthy and energy shakes, jams, nuts, natural honey and our lunch options, come and enjoy everyone with great gifts and surprises.

Wednesday 6th, from 1 to 6:30 PM, we are located on April 12, between Florencia Astudillo and Jose Peralta

Cesar Quintero Mucarcel: pigandcow.ec@gmail.com 096 297 2352