Activities and exhibition with artist, Moya Foley, at idiomART

Moya Foley was born and raised in Canada and moved to the northern coast of Ecuador in the late 1970s to find her own artistic expression. Since that time, she has been creating and teaching art in Ecuador. We are excited to have her come to idiomART in Cuenca and share her talents. She will have an art exhibition, she will speak at our first Saturday Salon, and she will be teaching two different collage classes.

Moya’s exhibition, “Sticks, Stones and Bone”, which is a collection of collage on canvas and shield sculptures, will be opening Thursday, Oct. 8, from 5 – 8 PM.
Moya says that, “The shields, as well as my collages, speak of dualities and of the existential need to be strong and yet vulnerable, to be open to both the joy and the pain. These coexisting concepts are expressed in the juxtaposition of materials – hard and soft, organic and manufactured.”

Moya will also talk about her experience as a Canadian artist living in Ecuador in our first Saturday Salon. As a young artist, recently graduated from art school in the 70s, Moya wanted to move to a place where she wouldn’t be influenced by other artists. She found herself living in a bamboo hut on the beach in Northern Ecuador and hasn’t looked back since! Moya will also read from her book titled, “Lifer: Tales of a Badgirl Artist in Ecuador”.

The Salon is Saturday, Oct. 9 at 10:30 AM. It costs $10 and light refreshments are provided.

To finish off the month, Moya will be giving a paper collage class and an object collage class. These are really fun, hands-on classes. Collage gives us the option of introducing elements that take the viewer by surprise, elements that wouldn’t normally be together, which provoke a second, deeper look at the image. For those who may not be exactly sure what they would like to create, Moya will bring sample collages of various artists and offer ideas for subject matter.

The Paper Collage class is Thursday, Oct. 28 from 9 AM – Noon
The Object Collage class is Friday, Oct. 29 from 9 AM – Noon
Each class costs $20; if you sign up for both, the cost is $35 total.

For additional information and to sign up for the salon and the classes, please contact:

Exhibition: Friday, Oct. 8 from 5 to 8 PM; Saturday Salon: Saturday, Oct. 9 at 10:30 AM; Paper Collage Class: Thursday, Oct. 28 from 9 AM – Noon; Object Collage Class: Friday, Oct. 29 from 9 AM – noon, fees are varied, idiomART is located at: Presidente Cordova, between Miguel Angel Estrella y Manuel Vega (diagonal from Coral Centro downtown), Cuenca.

Sarah HB
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