Oliver for adoption.

Meet Oliver,

He’s a one-year-old, neutered and vaccinated male kitty. He is an indoor-only cat who loves belly scratches. Oliver is very affectionate, sweet and cuddly. He loves to join his person either while sitting on the couch or sleeping in bed. He is relaxed and balanced and doesn’t seem to shed much. He loves to sit on the window sill and watch birds and other happenings. Oliver likes to talk at times because he has important things to say. He has excellent litter-box habits.

Oliver has lived with a single person as an only pet. We don’t know how he would react with children or other pets.

Oliver needs encouragement to use his scratching post. The post should be tall enough to accommodate a full stretch while he’s standing on his back feet. Sisal is recommended for at least part of the post. I recommend rubbing catnip on the post to attract him. Regular nail trims are important too.

If you would like to meet this wonderful companion kitty, please contact me.

Jo Austin: jomarieaustin99@gmail.com 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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