Hike at San Agustín (Tarqui area)

Hike from Zinín to San Agustín in Tarqui area, a nice easy hike with nice views from ridges and peaks around and the valley of San Agustín, about 5 miles towards San Agustín town over a nice trail and dirtroad, mostly downhill.

Following, some pictures:

We will end with a nice lunch at Saboke Restaurant in Victoria del Portete area.

We will take public transportation like buses and mixtos (taxi trucks).

Price includes guiding and transportation. It doesn’t include food.

Email us for more info.

October 9th, from 9 AM to 2:30 PM, $30, San Agustín, Cuenca.

Fredy Ordonez: spanishoutdoor@gmail.com
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