Final day of education drive: please give

All children deserve a future but not all families can afford it.

You can help them to build better futures.

Through midnight today, 100% of the donations made to our JEP account will be used to buy school supplies for the children we provide food kits to.

Hearts of Gold, Cuenta de ahorros JEP
Account number: 406079928700
RUC number: 0190395251001

You can also send donations (big or small) to our PayPal option (please note “school supplies”):


Finally, the link below provides a US tax deductible option. It doesn’t allow you to specify that the funds are for the school supplies project but you can confirm your intention by emailing This option does allow you to choose a monthly donation option that is extremely helpful for budgeting.

Donate to the Cuenca Soup Kitchen:

Thanks again for helping these kids.
Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith

Cuenca Soup Kitchen Directors

City: Cuenca
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