Recommendation for Juan Lara at Cooperco Bank, banking

This is a big shout out for Juan Lara the rep at Cooperco Bank who went above and beyond to assist us in opening a CD account. After reaching out to Juan initially, he met us at the El Vergel branch since it was more convenient for us.

I had to move my funds through several financial institutions within the US, but then discovered I had to open an account with a full-service bank here first, because Cooperco does not have an intermediary bank. The account with the full-service bank turned into a nightmare, but Juan was there to assist me as we made multiple trips to the other bank to sort things out.

Juan came to my home to finish the paperwork. I never once had to go to the bank branch by the airport. Juan was an amazing ally in getting this CD accomplished.

Address: Cooperco at the airport

Contact information: 593 98 459 6148

Recommended by Ryan James:
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