New Confiamed app / Cruz Roja Clinic in Network

For all the Confiamed Health Clients: please know that you can download Confiamed’s app and make your appointments directly and also get preauthorization for exams and physical therapy.

Depending on your phone if it’s Android go to Google Play and type “Confiamed” and choose to download.

If you have an iPhone: Here’s the link for Apple;

The newest addition to the nationwide network is Cruz Roja where you can have testing done, consults, and even physical therapy for $4 a session copay.

I’ll be happy to assist if you with any of these arrangements. Whether you’re my client or not.

Have a wonderful day.

Edificio Álamos Plaza office 202. Corner of: Calle Los Alamos y Ordonez Lasso

Madeleine Gonzalez Mensch
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