King Smokehouse has embraced the air fryer for you!

A special new product from King Smokehouse. Felix keeps hearing from his customer family that they have air fryers but the bacon is too long to fit. What can I do, they ask? Felix has the answer, he has sliced his premium bacon to fit in your air fryer. The best news? At no extra cost. You can now have the long slices or air fryer slices in regular or thick. Wow, whatever way you like to have it. And his bacon cooked in the air fryer is just amazing. Soooooooooo delicious and perfectly cooked. No effort bacon for sure. To celebrate this new offering Felix has a special: Buy 2 pounds of bacon and one pound of sausage and receive a pound of bacon bits free! Wowza. And by the way, bacon bits in the air fryer are delicious and so good as seasoning or snacks. To check out the full menu of King Smokehouse products just drop us an email or a WhatsApp. So much deliciousness your need to try it now.

Smoked Products:

Bacon 1 lb $9
Bacon 1/2 lb $5
Bacon Bits 1 lb $5
Groud Beef $6
Ground Lamb $7
Ham Bits $5
Ham Bulk Variable
Ham Sliced $5
Ham hocks $5
Leg Lamb (by order) Variable
Pepper Bacon $9
Prosciutto 1 lb $20
Prosciutto 1/2lb $10
Pulled Pork $10
Sausage Meat-Chicken $5
Sausage Meat-Pork extra spicy $5
Sausage Meat-Pork Sage Normal $5
Sausage Meat-Pork Spicy $5
Smoked Burgers 2lb $8
Whole Smoked Chicken $14
Smoked Ribs 1 lb Variable
Sliced Turkey Breast or Bulk $6.50
Thick Neck PorkChops lb Variable


Carolina Country Cornbread, Uncle Dave’s Pancake Mix, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Mix, Jolly Ginger Cookie Mix.




Daily from 9 until 5 (Sat. 9:30-4:30). Closed Sunday, Coronel Talbot 8-66 y Simon Bolivar

Felix Salinas: 096 904 7724

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