Who is Carlos Ramirez and why should you insure with him?

Carlos Ramirez, native of Loja, arrived for the first time to Cuenca at 18-years old with the desire to be one of the best mechanical engineers of the UPS University in which he began his university life in this environment began to develop as a shrewd student and with an exceptional ability to solve mathematical problems, but soon that promising career would lose the initial brightness for Carlos, who decided to leave the race in his last cycle to pursue his true passion. In this dream began in a recognized insurance company in the country as a claims inspector but he would be in this position for a short time, because when he discovered his passion it was easy to climb quickly and become a great element of this institution. His desire to serve increased and he focused on the expat insurance market, which was a community that did not have the service they expected in Ecuador. His first limitations with the language were not a problem since his desire to learn was bigger. He decided to quit his job, finish his career and after a short period he founded his first office in the heart of the city of Cuenca; a modest office with only one worker who opened and closed a sliding door as many times as necessary per day. He visited the main expat meeting centers in Cuenca and was forging his own path. In less than a year he was able to change office and hire his first employee. In six months he managed to hire a second employee and from then on, the story tells itself. Today Bluebox Asesores is positioned in the fourth place of the best brokers at regional level, has 7 employees and two offices, one in Cuenca and another in Manta, a city that is seen as a future retirement paradise for foreigners and nationals.

But why insure with Carlos Ramirez? Insuring with Carlos guarantees you a first class service, in which you will have personalized attention for each of your requirements. We are the only broker in Cuenca that has translations of your coverage and staff that can help you in your language without any inconvenience. In addition Carlos has exclusive products for the expat community in Ecuador. We are pioneers in generating contracts that adapt to your needs and your budget.

If you are already insured, but do not feel that you have not obtained the expected results of your policy do not hesitate to contact us, our advice is free of charge.

Av Ordoñez Lasso 555 y Los Cedros Edif Monte Carlo

Carlos Ramirez
098 246 5168
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