The Cuenca Symphony Orchestra presents six concerts this week

Cuenca, September 28, 2021.- The Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca (CSO) within the framework of the Ecuadorian Hall Festival, led by the Cultural Heritage Institute, INPC presents this Thursday, September 30 at 6:30 PM five concerts of chamber music simultaneously in la Casa de las Palomas (Benigno Malo between President Córdova and Juan Jaramillo), Casa de la Lira (Calle Condamine, Rise del Vado), Casa del Coco (Bolívar and Juan Montalvo), House Museum Remigio Crespo Torral (Calle Larga and Borrero) and Sucre Teatro (Sucre Calle between Luis Cordero and Borrero).

Each group will interpret a selection of famous compositions that have made history in our homeland, thus commemorating the national day of the Ecuadorian hall and its declaration as an intangible heritage of Ecuador.

On the day of the Ecuadorian hall, October 1, was held since 1993 by Executive Decree of Sixto Sixture Durán Ballén, who chose this date in memory of Julio Alfredo Jaramillo Laurido, the nightingale of America, also known as JJ, for being considered the greatest exponent of this musical genre. The Ecuadorian corridor was declared a cultural reference and intangible heritage of the region, in the plenary session of the Andean Parliament that was held on February 27, 2020 in Peru.

The entrance to these concerts is free to fill the capacity authorized by the COE Cantonal, fulfilling all biosecurity and social distancing measures.

In addition, on Friday, October 1 in the Church of La Merced at 7 PM, the Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca under the baton of Master Augustus Carrión Rhodes, the leading director presents the face-to-face concert in tribute to Dr. Claudio Arias Argudo, Founder of the Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca, event managed by the Rotary Club of Cuenca. The entrance is free in the capacity allowed by the cantonal COE (75%) and fulfilling all biosecurity and social distancing measures.

The repertoire is: Fantasía del Libre Encierro (world premiere) by Alfredo Altamirano, Suite No. 1 for small orchestra by Ígor Stravinski and Symphony No. 8 D.759 in B minor by Franz Schubert.

Tribute to Dr. Claudio Arias Argudo: The Rotary Club of Cuenca yields a tribute sense to one of its brightest members, Dr. Claudio Arias Argudo who served widely in many areas of life, regarding the social, his responsibility in linking with the community and cultural development of the city were aspects that must be highlighted. The main roles were among others:

– President of the Rotary Club of Cuenca, 1967-1968
– Governor of District 4400, 1995-1996.
– Commander of the Body of Firemen Volunteers of Cuenca.
– Vocal of the Ecuadorian League Directory Antituberculosis, L.E.A.
– Member of the Solca directory of Azuay.
– President of the Ecuadorian Red Cross of Azuay.
– Founder of the Philharmonic Society of Cuenca, 1970.
– Co-founder and president of the Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca, 1972.
– Partner and president of the Abraham Lincoln Cultural Center.

The CSO makes available to the public its digital concert hall on YouTube where they can find most of the concerts presented so far since 2020.

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