Recommendation for MV Leather, boot makers

I have purchased many boots from MV Leather over the years and cannot recommend them enough! They have copied my favorite boots from the States, provided me with awesome boots for moto riding, allowed me to select special leathers and heel preferences, toe styles. Their craftsmanship is superb, selection diverse, and I testify to the utmost comfort and long lasting and elegant styles. Their prices are incredibly reasonable for such high-quality handmade footwear also.

This last year has been especially difficult for them and I sure do not want to see this valuable place go out of business so, please give them a look if you are in need.

Contact me with any questions or if translation is necessary,

Address: General Torres 10-15 y Gran Colombia

Contact information: 098 605 2993

Recommended by Diane Ferchel: 099 514 9972
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