Horse Trekking Ecuador, rides this weekend

Horse Trekking Ecuador invites you to travel above and outside the city of Cuenca on horseback to some of most outstanding views of all the surrounding area. With only a 15 minute ride from the city by transport, you will meet your mount. Our facilities have waiting rooms if weather is bad, bathrooms (always a necessity) and a safe place to leave your personal belongings.

We offer many opportunities for walk, trot, and gallop so you can experience horse trekking through the valleys and mountains with the wind in your face and the feelings of abandonment.

Our horses are of excellent conditioning and breeding for this type of work. They are sure footed and are dependable whether climbing the mountain or traversing the valleys.

Cerro de las Monjas can be seen from Don Bosco and is way above the prison. The views looking down are unforgettable. If you have ridden with us before or are an intermediate rider, you will be comfortable with this ride. We also offer the beautiful tourist destination of Boqueron.

$50 pp covers transportation, horse, guide, sandwiches, and canelazo.

Saturday, Oct 2, 9:30 AM pickup to 2 PM drop off, $50, Parque Iberia pickup/drop off, Cuenca. Sunday ride a possibility also if enough bookings. Let us know your preference.

Kimberly Curls:

Saturday, Oct 2, 9:30 AM pickup to 2 PM drop off or Sunday, Oct 3, $40 – $50, Parque Iberia, Cuenca.
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