Private health insurance

I have been living in the Santa Elena area for the last year while in the process of soliciting my temporary residency visa, which I got a week ago (yay!) and am planning to relocate to Cuenca next week to find somewhere more permanent to live.

The next stage in the documentation process is to obtain a cedula, and for that I need health insurance prior to making the application.

As I intend to switch to IESS as soon as possible, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendation for a policy to use as a stop gap that is not too expensive? I am not looking for the name of an insurance agent or visa agent, but a specific recommendation insurance company or policy for a person aged 70 who speaks Spanish with moderate, but by no means perfect fluency.

I do already have a travel insurance policy (SafetyWings), but I am not sure if that is usable for purposes of demonstrating insuredness to the Registro Civil.

Would appreciate any ideas or comments?

Jonathan Mason

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