From never-never land to today land…

September is nearly over, it’s been now 8 months since 2021 began and Christmas’s fireworks are awaiting for us (whether we like it or not) and New Year’s as well.
What are our life resolutions? Are we committed to making new friendships? Spend time in the Coast? Build a digital nomad life? Reinforce boundaries with some toxic people? Start a journal in Spanish? What else?

This day, today Monday offers us a range of choices and possibilities, it all depends on us to take them or refuse them.
Never leave that till 2022 which you can do today (either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow).

Make progress in language is one of your resolutions? Go for it (language free Q/A available by October once a week for busy learners and Spanish lovers on Whereby platform, every Wednesday, just knock on the door and ask a question).

Stop by my website and say hello, hallo, salut, moin moin, servus or whatever word in your native language means “hola” in Castellano.
Have an excellent week! Y…

San Sebastian

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