Fresh goat milk and yogurt, Jersey cow milk and yogurt for Tues. 9-28

PegaStar Farmstead has happy goats and Jersey cows on grass pastures in the countryside 1.5 hours outside of Cuenca.

The goat milk is mild and a little bit sweet, very yummy.

The Jersey cow milk is rich with cream, also a bit sweet and is delicious.

Introductory prices:

Goat Milk:
1/2 L $2
1 L $3

Goat Milk Yogurt:
1/4 L $3
1/2 L $4

Jersey Milk:
1/2 L $1
1 L $1.50

Jersey Milk Yogurt:
1/4 L $2
1/2 L $3

Available for a limited time;

Jersey Half and Half (fabulous for making hot chocolate):
1/4 L $1
1/2 L $2

Jersey Heavy Cream:
1/4 L $1.50
1/2 L $3

Will try a new pick up location this week closer to El Centro.

I will park in the underground parking lot of Parque de la Madre.

There are two pedestrian entrances into the underground parking garage in the plaza area near the orange planetarium, they are wood and glass structures with stairs going down into the parking garage.

My white Jeep Grand Cherokee will park near to one of those stairways in the parking lot.

Pick up time is from 11 AM to noon.

Please place your order before Monday noon, thanks much.

Best way to contact me is via cell or WhatsApp but email will also work.

Soraya’s cell and WhatsApp: 099 702 1044

Soraya: 099 702 1044.

City: Cuenca
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