Urgent need, education is worth every penny

School has started and the families in our food kit program can’t afford the basic necessities:

paper, notebooks, pencils, and pens

Until Oct. 4, 100% of donations to our JEP account will be used to buy school supplies for the 70+ children in our food kit program. No fees.

Please consider their future today:

Hearts of Gold, Cuenta de ahorros JEP
Account number: 406079928700
RUC number: 0190395251001

Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith

Cuenca Soup Kitchen Directors

City: Cuenca


I found an umbrella on Saturday at a tram stop. If you lost yours, contact me.

Patricia: 099 163 4628. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Real stories from the Hogar – When there are few options

At 45, Martha has few options. Her partner left and she is alone to care for her three children with no support. With little education or employment opportunities, her options are limited. Her recycling income brings in enough to pay her rent, but not enough for food and other necessities. Martha has enrolled in the support program at Hogar de Esperanza (Home of Hope). She not only gets regular food supports, but she also attends our workshops.

Every week, we teach women new skills. This past week, 12 women participated in our sewing and crafts workshops. We believe that although giving food is important, we need to help individuals learn new skills and give them the confidence to find solutions to their situations. Our workshops do just that and many have gone on to find employment.

To support our work, you can do so at: https://www.givingway.com/donate/fundacion-hogar-de-esperanza. For other options, including a tax receipt or bank transfer: https://hogaresperanza.org/en/donations/. Thank you for supporting our programs. You can also visit us at Juan Montalvo 8-18 and Mariscal Sucre.

Garry Vatcher: info@hogaresperanza.org 099 094 7611. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Do you have a baby stroller that you can donate? Fundacion Nur

Fundacion Nur is constantly supporting pregnant moms and dads, and parents with children up to 3 years old.

Two moms are about to give birth and we need two strollers for them.

If you have one at home that you don’t use any more please let us know. We can pick it up and repair it if necessary.

We welcome all donations of baby clothes, diapers, etc.
Thank you so much!

If you want to learn more about Fundacion Nur please visit: https://www.fundnur.org/english/index.html

You can donate via Paypal:

Nela Navarrine: fundraising@fundnur.org +593 97 937 8786. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

4 x 4 tax on packages

Is it true that Lasso has done away with the 4 x 4 tariff on packages brought into Ecuador by couriers like DHJ and UPS?

Joseph F Tana: joeyt484@yahoo.com .

City: Cuenca

Food for dogs, donations

Hello Dear Expats, I am looking for good people and animal lovers, who can help with donations of food, de-worming, anti-fleas or, whatever you can support will be very welcome. We have a few old dogs they need a vet so often.

We are located in Paute. If you want to know the place where they are, it will be a pleasure to have you there. A little furnished house is available to visits the weekends.
WhatsApp 098 311 1659

Lupe Moscoso: lulu_ms1978@yahoo.com 098 311 1659. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for owners of found dog

This little Shih Tzu buddy was found in the Tarqui Guzho Megaparque in the Circo Social area. Cuenca, Ecuador. No collar, no name tag. But he knows how to walk on a leash and is housebroken. Very friendly with cats and dogs. He was in a neighbor’s house for several days and when the fence was opened he went next door to another neighbor. This dog is someone’s pet and was lost by accident. I don’t believe he was abandoned. There are no signs up in the park with anyone looking for him. But we have had rain so they could be washed out. He is at 099 190 8264 if you have any information leading to the owners.

Jeannie Chiang

Looking for a new sofa bed

Hello all, I’m looking for a new sofa bed for my studio apartment. Has anyone recently bought one? Seen any in the stores about town? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Robert Leaman Sanders singing

You are cordially invited to excellent entertainment. Hi. my name is Robert. When the US ambassador to Ecuador asked me to sing U.S. of A. songs of yesteryear for the embassy’s July 4th Cuenca party, I just knew we would all have a special time. And we did! Now, today, I would like to invite you, dear Reader, to a great show taking place at Consuelo Restaurant located next to Dunkin Donuts across the street from Parque Calderon in Cuenca Central. I am bringing that same show to you. You’ll enjoy a Beatles medley, a Little Richard quip, a song by The Drifters, a Sam Cooke tune, “Country Roads” by John Denver, a Frank Sinatra song, and more. Entrance is free and there is no minimum. 

So, write down the date, Oct. 1, and the time, 9 PM, and come as you are! If you would like to have fun and sing a duet with Robert, please email starofmalibu@aol.com and we will make that happen. And so, music lover, see you and talk with you at Consuelo Restaurante on Friday! 

Oh, and I received a special publishing license from Sony Music to record and release Bob Dylan’s iconic, Time They Are A-Changin’ . . . I will be singin’ that one for you too! Come on over. It’ll be great and it will be wonderful to see you. Thank you. 

Roberto Sanders: starofmalibu@aol.com . 

City: Cuenca

Open music jam, live art demo, Chicha tasting at idiomART!

We are kicking off October with a bang at idiomART! Saturday, the 2nd, will be jam-packed with artistic fun.

The day begins at 11 AM with a day-long art demonstration with artist Mazhyx, who recently had the opening for her exhibition, “Oracle”. This is a great time to talk with the artist and learn about her exhibition on display at idiomART until Oct. 5. During her live demo, watch Mazhyx as she shares her creative process while painting her new 2022 agendas. You can pre-order yours and have it personalized in the moment.

At 2 PM we’ll start the open musical jam in the garden as a fun send off to our good friend, Lyndie Diamond, who is about to embark on an exciting journey. Bring your instruments, your voices and your willingness to collaborate and jam. All musicians, dancers and listeners welcome.

Also at 2 PM, there will be a free Chicha de Jora and Chicha Madre tasting from the local distillery, La Fama. Chicha de Jora is a mildly fermented, traditional drink made from maíz. Chicha Madre is the first distilled aguardiente de chicha made from maíz.

So, mark your calendar and come on down and join in the fun.

Saturday, Oct. 2, The event is free, however, donations are welcome.
Presidente Cordova 1-77; between Manuel Vega and Huayna Capac, Cuenca.

Sarah HB: idiomartcuenca@gmail.com

Jerry Joe Holland’s Noche de Blues, Friday

Great blues music from multiple regions and eras including; Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Sonny Boy Williamson, Freddie King, Willie Dixon, B.B. King, Savoy Brown, John Mayall, Otis Redding, Ann Peebles, and more.

Come escape in the blues at Ha Ha Lounge 184: A great open setting designed for live music. This place is a little-known gem. Wonderful food/great drinks, awesome staff. Best sound system.

October 1, 2021 at 8 PM. $5 cover added to bill. Come early for dinner.

Ha Ha Lounge
Remigio Tamariz 3-17 y Augustin Cueva, Cuenca. 098 182 4859

October 1st, 8 to 10:30 PM, $5, Remigio Tamariz 3-17 y Augustine Cueva, Cuenca, Cuenca.

Hector: 098 182 4859

LaGuarida’s Last Week of September. Cheers to Cuenca Salmon

This Week In La Guarida
Join us for our breakfast service: Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 12:30 PM. Have breakfast and check out Eduardo Segovia’s three-floor exhibit. We have more than 60 works by this revered local artist.

Our film choices next week are:

Tuesday, September 28th, at 6:45 PM: Celda 211
An acclaimed Spanish movie in which a newly hired prison officer (Alberto Ammann) finds himself in the midst of a prison riot after an unforeseen turn of events. With the inmates around him unaware of his position, he must pretend to be a prisoner to survive among the inmates ruled by tough Malamadre (Luis Tosar). This projection will be extra special as we will be joined by Sally Lincoln who will be presenting and speaking about her work of art titled “Turi.”

Wednesday, September 29th at 6:45 PM: Richard Jewell
Richard Jewell was an American police officer and security guard. While working as a security guard for AT&T, he became known in connection with the Centennial Olympic Park bombing at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Discovering a backpack filled with three pipe bombs on the park grounds, Jewell alerted police and helped to evacuate the area before the bomb exploded, saving many people from injury or death. Initially hailed by the media as a hero, Jewell was later considered a suspect. Jewell’s case is considered an example of the damage that can be done by media reporting based on unreliable or incomplete information.

Thursday, September 30th at 7:30 PM: Music from the Caribbean and Colombia. Admission: $10. The whole of September was dedicated to different Latin American countries and their music. It is an incredible honor to finish September highlighting the Caribbean. The music of the Caribbean has influenced much of Latin America. Come enjoy an incredible musical journey with incredible musicians in the best event venue in Cuenca.

We wish Cuenca Salmon a wonderful five-year anniversary. We love them and love their products. Happy to have them as neighbors and happy to know that Lenny, Sharon and Mike are great friends of our house.

Remember that for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, reservations with dinner are required. Our capacity is limited. Don’t miss out and come try the dishes from our new menu, new cocktails and new desserts.

September 27th, from 9 AM to 12:30 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: underalias@gmail.com 099 806 8071


Hello, I am looking to purchase a used but in reasonable shape wheelchair at a reasonable price.

Please contact me anytime.

Thank you so much,

Kathleen: kathines123@gmail.com
098 467 2871
City: Cuenca

Do you love indigenous cultures in the Andes of Ecuador?

If you love Kichwa culture, music, dress, dance and language, we hope that you understand the importance of preserving this culture by instilling pride in the indigenous children of the northern Andes.

Indigenous teachers and cultural activists created and facilitate this series of children’s cultural educational workshops. The mission is preservation of the beautiful but endangered Kichwa language and culture.

The Kichwa Cultural Center “Muyumi Kanki” needs donations from people blessed with greater financial resources to help them purchase educational materials like paints, crayons, paper, brushes, clips and masking tape.

The Center is a partner program of the Wichana Foundation, a 501C3 registered charity in New York based in Cotacachi and Otavalo.

Please donate here: https://tinyurl.com/MK2021donate or contact Kichwa Cultural Center “Muyumi Kanki” directly to arrange materials drop-off. Our foundation would be happy to help you with free interpretation if you don’t speak Kichwa or Spanish but wish to arrange for a donation of cash or educational materials.

Yupaychanchik. We thank you,

Wichana Foundation: wichanafoundation@gmail.com .

City: Cotacachi

I need someone to fix my Motorola phone digitizer

I have the phone, Motorola Nexus. I have had the part muled in as it could not be found here in Cuenca. I even have a how-to video from YouTube. I just need an expert with the proper tools and eyesight and know how.

Let me know if you can do it and how much it would cost. Or recommendations of where to bring it to get it done.

Thank you.

Michele: Roatancats@gmail.com

City: Cuenca


Hello Community,

My name is Daniel and I am offering a transportation services for any type of activity you want to do (supermarket, airport, etc.) to any place in the city of Cuenca, I am available 24/7.

Daniel: 099 803 8782. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Chromecast or Firestick

Looking to buy a Chromecast or Firestick, even a used one if you are wanting to get rid of it.

Sam: oryx100@gmail.com 096 841 1177. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Hospitality specialists

We are looking for a hospitality specialist in the Quito, Nayon area to run a guests proprerty. Contact me for more details.

Sam: oryx100@gmail.com 096 841 1177. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Quito (capital)


I’m 56-years old from Philippines and have experience taking care of kids and older people. I can speak fluently Spanish and English.

Felma Melecio Nato

City: Cuenca

Cruise around South America include Cape Horn, December, 2022

This cruise is not until December 18, 2022 and will end 1 January, 2023. So, there is lots of time to get vaccinated and ready to sail.

This is one of the most requested and most unforgettable cruises there are so some of us have decided to take a walk down memory lane and do it again. We did it in 2015 and we are looking for all of you who have it on your bucket list, for an Anniversary or just a memory to last a lifetime. I have a few cabins left including Balcony, Ocean view (window or Port Hole). I am also holding inside cabins. We have had a wonderful response and we have 6 cabins already booked.

The cruise starts in Buenos Aires, Argentina and ends up in San Antonio, Chile – closest port to Valparaiso. Contact me for details and to book. These cruises sell out quickly and I will be onboard again for this Fantastic cruise. Deposit of $250 per cabin is required to secure your cabin and final payment is not due until August, 2022.

It is on board the NCL Star and this is the very best time of year to have great weather for rounding Cape Horn.

Jodie Mansfield, independent travel agent for Cruise Brothers:
cuencajodie@gmail.com .

Remember: This cruise will be from 18 December, 2022 and end on 1 January, 2023. We will be onboard for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Jodie Mansfield Independent travel agent for Cruise Brothers

Awesome bonus – pulled pork and ground lamb

Due to being rained out, we have decided to extend the following bonus:

Time to get the mouth-watering and your creative cooking skills working.

Monday awesome bonus
**15% off**
Pulled pork and/or ground lamb

Think about your Shepherd’s Pie recipe or a pulled pork sandwich. But we are sure you have more ideas on how to succulently devour such delights

Felix is ready for your orders.

Monday only

Opening hours: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Yes, we deliver

Cuenca Shop/King’s Smokehouse, 8-66 Coronel Talbot, Parque San Sebastian, Cuenca


096 904 7724

Tapiceria Moderna reupholstery services and furniture repair

At Tapiceria Moderna we reupholster and build any furniture that require retouch or refinishing.
Our professional upholsterers can create beautiful furniture pieces like sofas, ottoman that fits your space in your home. We upholster furniture such us: chairs, sectional sofas, benches, tables, ottomans, walls, headboards, patio cushions, repair and custom made new.

Our services:

Furniture Restoration
Furniture reupholstery
Leather repair and Restoration
Custom made leather furniture
Custom made Dog beds
Custom made cushions
Custom made Recliners
Custom made sofas
Antique Restoration
Foam replacement
Springs replacement
Furniture Modifications
Custom built outdoor furniture
Custom made Barstools
Slipcovers covers
Big selection of fabrics
Pick-up and Delivery
Free quotes
Affordable Prices
We speak English



Need home healthcare?

VIP Home Healthcare of Cuenca is Cuenca’s premier home healthcare provider. Here’s how it works: Our trained professional nurses and caregivers speak English and work closely with your doctor to provide care that continues uninterrupted from hospital to doctor to home. Many of our clients integrate care from alternative healthcare providers into their care as well. Whatever the combination of physical therapy, medication, diet, or basic homecare—our Clinical Supervisor will work with you and your Medical Providers to customize a single, all-inclusive plan that checks all the boxes. Your caregiver or nurse will use that plan as a road map to give you the best care possible right in your own home.

Our clients deal with a wide range of conditions from minor health issues and after surgery recovery, clear through to those who are dealing with dementia, cancer, serious heart conditions and hospice care. So, whether you need a few hours of in-home care each week, a doctor facilitator, or long-term 24-hour care, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to talk and see where we can be of assistance.

• VIP caregivers and nurses speak English, but can work with your providers in Spanish.
• As Cuenca’s premier home healthcare provider, we have the “horsepower” to provide a level of in-home care that will maximize health and minimize discomfort.
• Our registered nurses and trained caregivers combine a high degree of training, skill,
compassion, and integrity. At VIP, client confidentiality is an absolute priority.

Check us out at our website and when the need arises, reach out to us. We look forward to meeting you.

Phone: 098 329 8243
Email: info@vipcuenca.com

Benigno Malo 12-41 y Gaspar Sangurima

VIP Home Healthcare of Cuenca
098 329 8243

From never-never land to today land…

September is nearly over, it’s been now 8 months since 2021 began and Christmas’s fireworks are awaiting for us (whether we like it or not) and New Year’s as well.
What are our life resolutions? Are we committed to making new friendships? Spend time in the Coast? Build a digital nomad life? Reinforce boundaries with some toxic people? Start a journal in Spanish? What else?

This day, today Monday offers us a range of choices and possibilities, it all depends on us to take them or refuse them.
Never leave that till 2022 which you can do today (either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow).

Make progress in language is one of your resolutions? Go for it (language free Q/A available by October once a week for busy learners and Spanish lovers on Whereby platform, every Wednesday, just knock on the door and ask a question).

Stop by my website and say hello, hallo, salut, moin moin, servus or whatever word in your native language means “hola” in Castellano.
Have an excellent week! Y…

San Sebastian


Good prices at C&C unisex hair design / barber shop

Trim your hair often (her)
Split ends are a big deal when it comes to long hair. If you can’t get your hair to grow longer than a certain length, you may actually need to do something a little counterintuitive: cut your hair every few months. Split ends can actually cause your hair to stop growing, and it certainly contributes to making your hair appear thinner and duller. Visit C&C every 8-12 weeks to get rid of split ends and allow your hair to grow longer.

Trim trim trim (Him)
Get regular trims at the barbers’ every 4-6 weeks. Book in whilst you’re at your previous appointment to ensure you keep your hair cut fresh, and your hair healthy.

The gentleman’s guide to grooming – male grooming is experiencing a huge boom, with modern men taking care of themselves more than ever before, so we have put together the gentleman’s guide to grooming.

The best way to trim your beard is to start with the longest hair length and bring it down gradually. Set your beard trimmer to its longest setting and trim your beard all over. Go against the direction of hair growth to remove excess bulk. Repeat using shorter trim settings until you’re happy with the length.

Visit us today:

• Men’s hair cut includes shampooing $5
Shaving or just beard trim with hot towel hot steamer facial exfoliating for only $5, both services for only 10 bucks.
• Women’s hair cut includes shampooing and styling $8
• Men’s full package includes: manicure pedicure, haircut shampooing shaving with hot towel facial exfoliating $20
• Women’s full package includes: manicure pedicure, shampooing, haircut and style, eyebrows and upper lip waxing $25
• Manicure Pedicure unisex $12
• Manicure $5
• Pedicure $9
• One hour full body massage $25
• Deep Facial cleanse $15
• Acrylic Nails $15
• Gel Manicure $20
• Gel nail polish $10
• Deep hair treatment to prevent split ends or damaged caused from chemical treatments $10
• Gray hair treatment to prevent yellowing color $10
• Full body waxing $$$
• Color, cut, Style, $30
• Highlights with cap $30 and up
• Foiled Highlights or baby lights $45 and up
• keratin straightened $50
• Botox Capillary treatment $20 $30 $40 to prevent frizzy hair
• blow dry $5
• Any styles for your romantic dinner or any event $5 and up

Please call 098 814 8902 or WhatsApp, iMessage, text message, etc. so then Clemencia and her small team will be happy to hear from you and your loved ones.

Avenida Ordoñez Lasso y los Claveles next door from Pichincha Bank.

Clemencia Vizhnay
098 814 8902

Thursdays’ Botox special during October

Book during October for any Thursday, with a friend/partner for your Botox treatment (certified from Allergan) applied for an also certified physician, trained in aesthetic medicine in Argentina and with over the 10 years of experience with it, Dr. Laura Rosalía León aka Rosy. If you do so, you’ll get a free microdermabrasion and a wonderful organic purifying clay mask, hyaluronic acid mask or Norwegian mask. Cost for Full face treatment starting from $150 – 30 units ($5 per unit).

12 de Abril Avenue 5-14 and Guayas street, next to Otorongo apartments

Laura Leon
098 739 5278

Ensuring assets and homes are transferred to designated beneficiaries

Wills can do quite a bit more than just name who gets your money and property.
With a will, you can also nominate guardians for your minor children, name caretakers for your pets, leave instructions for digital assets, write your funeral wishes, and more. A will can also save your loved ones the time, money, and stress that comes with lengthy legal proceedings of death in a place with a language and laws difference.

Our advice will make a difference in all your estate-planning services.
More about us at:


Av. Florencia Astudillo, Camara de Industrias building, office 604.

Karina Urgiles CEO

Visit award winning Izhcayluma eco-resort / Vilcabamba

Good morning Cuenca community.

Do you feel like it is time for pampering yourself, to relax body, mind and soul, or to recharge your batteries?
Or simply to see us again and having a beer together at the bar?

We have our shuttle running directly from Cuenca to our eco-resort on the following days:


Facilitator and transportation

Dear community,

My name is Daniel Lasso and I offer transportation service for any type of occasion or need you have (doctor’s appointment, supermarket, etc.) to any place in the city, even to Azogues, Chordeleg, Paute.

Available 24/7


099 803 8782

Driver from Cuenca to Manta

We are looking for an English speaking driver to take us from Cuenca to Manta on October 27. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Brad and Sandra

Brad Wallin

City: Cuenca

Massage and wellness services

Jimmy Quintero, naturopathy technologist and licensed massage therapist with 20 years of experience, offers deep tissue, Thai, relaxation, trigger point, and sports massage at affordable prices for men and women. He can work deeply or gently to relieve stress or to target specific issues with excellent results.

Additionally, Jimmy is a personal trainer and yoga instructor and can do all of this in the privacy of your home or in studio. He offers combination packages with exercise followed by massage.

1 hour massage. Ask about exercise/massage packages. Fully vaccinated (Sinovac)

Av. de las Americas and Gran Colombia, opposite Bebe Mundo.

Jimmy Quintero
098 430 1326

Mailing a letter in the US


Is anyone heading to the US? I need a letter mailed. Thanks

Henry Kipp 098 474 1527

City: Cuenca

Fresh goat milk and yogurt, Jersey cow milk and yogurt for Tues. 9-28

PegaStar Farmstead has happy goats and Jersey cows on grass pastures in the countryside 1.5 hours outside of Cuenca.

The goat milk is mild and a little bit sweet, very yummy.

The Jersey cow milk is rich with cream, also a bit sweet and is delicious.

Introductory prices:

Goat Milk:
1/2 L $2
1 L $3

Goat Milk Yogurt:
1/4 L $3
1/2 L $4

Jersey Milk:
1/2 L $1
1 L $1.50

Jersey Milk Yogurt:
1/4 L $2
1/2 L $3

Available for a limited time;

Jersey Half and Half (fabulous for making hot chocolate):
1/4 L $1
1/2 L $2

Jersey Heavy Cream:
1/4 L $1.50
1/2 L $3

Will try a new pick up location this week closer to El Centro.

I will park in the underground parking lot of Parque de la Madre.

There are two pedestrian entrances into the underground parking garage in the plaza area near the orange planetarium, they are wood and glass structures with stairs going down into the parking garage.

My white Jeep Grand Cherokee will park near to one of those stairways in the parking lot.

Pick up time is from 11 AM to noon.

Please place your order before Monday noon, thanks much.

Best way to contact me is via cell or WhatsApp but email will also work.

Soraya’s cell and WhatsApp: 099 702 1044

Soraya: PegaStar@mailfence.com 099 702 1044.

City: Cuenca

L’Bel, Ésika and Cyzone


My name is Susy and I would like to introduce to you 3 brands that are made by a company that has been on business for 50 years and they promote beauty to achieve personal fulfillment through their brands: L’Bel, Ésika and Cyzone.

Esika: My expression, my choice
L’Bel: Real beauty for real women
Cyzone: Dare with attitude


Your order will arrive at your home within 2-3 days, without leaving your home, payment with credit or debit card.

Feel free to ask me any questions you could have.

Susy: jmsavaflon@gmail.com .

City: Guayaquil

Recommendation for USA Valet, delivery service

This is a shout out for Judy and the group at USA Valet.

There are products I order from the US on a regular basis which I cannot purchase here in Ecuador so I began shopping for a reliable delivery service. Currently I am getting deliveries twice a month through USA Valet. Their flat rate service fee of $25 per month plus a $5 fee per item under 8 ounces is the best I’ve found. I get deliveries right to my front door and have never had an item misplaced or not delivered. I was advised that currently there are only 2 customs employees sorting packages under the new administration and others are now being trained.

With the upcoming holiday season, I would strongly advise shopping early if you intend to have things shipped in lest things get bogged down in customs. As an example, yesterday I was using my cell phone and checking items on Amazon. I clicked on a small $20 item. Shipping to Ecuador that item was $93. Added to my monthly shipment with USA Valet it would only be $5. This is a great local service. Consider it if you’re shopping this upcoming holiday season.

Address: Cuenca and surrounding communities

Contact information: 099 931 8080

Recommended by Judith Porter: 096 888 5256

Recommendation for Jessica Moscoso, Monte Sinai Hospital

I met Jessica Moscoso, the coordinator of Monte Sinai Hospital, in a very difficult time for me. My husband’s doctor at the hospital doesn’t speak English and Jessica was my translator at any moment when I needed. I sincerely appreciate the time she spent with me while my husband was in the hospital. I especially appreciate her offers to connect me to other doctors and pharmacy. She immediately responded to my requests, actually in late evenings and on weekends. Her advice was very helpful and only thanks to Jessica, I received a medical certificate from the hospital on time and a month later she asked me how recovery is going on. Again, thanks so much to Jessica for the great assitance she has provided me.

Address: Monte Sinai Hospital

Contact information: + 593 99 846 5853

Recommended by liuba t: lualtv55@gmail.om

Recommendation for Aleppo Furniture and Design, furniture design, repair, fabrication

We have four cats, and they learned how to open drawers not using the handles but instead snagging the wooden tops with their claws and pulling. The drawers had many small but unsightly chips removed and the raw wood underneath exposed.

The owner of Aleppo came to my home (with a helper), gave me a reasonable price quote, and took my five drawers to her facility. Within two days, she returned the drawers looking as if the damage did not occur.

Aleppo did a professional job in the timeframe stated and was very affordable.
They speak English well.

Address: Calle las Totoras con Av, Ordonez Lasso 13-13

Contact information: fermora180774@gmail.com 098 781 8622

Recommended by Russell Bath: 098 333 9343

Hacienda dairy products this week…

Good day to all of you. This week we are offering our tasty cheddar and popular Pepper Jack. Both are an amazing addition to any dish.

Come on over to Dos Sucres this Tuesday from 9-10 to pick up some dairy products and fresh vegetables. Available this week, along with the cheese: Greek yogurt, fresh milk and cream, cottage cheese and chocolate milk. If you can’t make it to Dos Sucres, pick up your order at the Smokehouse in San Sebastian Square or Tienda Nectar. Also available are home deliveries from 11-2.

We will also be at the Cosa Prep Feria on Saturday.

Tuesday, Sept.28th and Saturday, Oct.2nd, Dos Sucres Roberto Crespo Toral 3-56, Tienda Nectar, Smokehouse and Sunrise Cafe

Julie: haciendachanchan@gmail.com

Bang bang shrimp tacos

Bang bang shrimp tacos for $6.95. Our bang shrimp tacos are “Better than Bone Fish Grill” – Lightly breaded and fried shrimp (from the sea, not farmed), our homemade coleslaw and our proprietary bang bang sauce. Each order comes with 2 big tacos (burrito size)

September 26th, from 9 AM to 8 PM, Yanuncay

Andres: 098 358 6298

Paradise Indian Restaurant

Paradise is open seven days a week for dine-in, take-out, and home delivery service. Our extensive menu includes vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, chicken, beef, lamb, seafood, rice, traditional bread, and dessert items. Every dish is prepared to order from the freshest ingredients by a skilled chef who calls India home. Get in touch and taste the authentic flavors of northern and southern India. One meal and you’ll know why it’s called Paradise.

Open Daily 10AM – 9PM, Federico Malo 1-160 between 12 de Abril and Tadeo Torres (Parque de la Madre)

Paul Anthony: paradiseindianrestaurantcuenca@gmail.com 098 462 8976
Paradise Indian Restaurant

Order your bakery goods and food delivery from Mujeres Con Exito

Mujeres Con Exito food service has returned.
Almuerzo lunches are now being served for only $2.25 Monday – Friday, noon to 2 PM

Bakery sale:

The Bakery order deadline is on Tuesdays at noon. Orders can be made by WhatsApp or text message to 098 991 1147. Please indicate which options you want and how many units of each. You can pick up your order starting at 7 AM on Wednesdays or we can deliver for an additional $2.