More than an insurance advisor

It’s our pleasure at Mady Insurance to offer extended services for your insurance needs. We have implemented online filing of claims on my website and bilingual assistance for all other needs like authorization of tests, scheduling appointments, coordinating medication, etc.

I’d also like to present our newest team member, Viviana who is available to receive your claims physically at our office Monday thru Friday 9 AM – 1 PM. We do pick-ups too. Please feel free to coordinate your needs via email or WhatsApp at or 095 873 2354.

Lastly our virtual office is accessible 24/7 with answers and steps to follow on how to file claims and forms you can download for elective surgery, continuous meds, and reimbursements. And, of course, there’s the option for online uploading of claims, so we can review and help gather any missing docs necessary to submit to the insurance company.

Los Alamos and Ordoñez Lasso (corner) Edificio Plaza Alamos office #202

Madeleine Gonzalez Mensch
098 630 4185
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