Recommendation for Victor Ojeda

I would like to give my enthusiastic recommendation, as have many others on Gringo Post, to Victor Ojeda. Victor is an incredibly versatile guy who has had years of experience helping people with spoken and written translations, offering day trips around Cuenca, transportation to/from Guayaquil airport, helping with cell phone, internet, DirecTV, and utilities setup, any type of shopping, taking a pet to the vet, car registration, helping to obtain a driver’s license and cedula.

Most recently, Victor helped me complete the process for obtaining an Ecuadorian driver’s license. I needed to brush up on my standard transmission driving skills and Victor was happy to let me practice using his car. He instructed me on the steps I needed to complete after I finished the driving school curriculum. Victor helped arrange the written driving test in Gualaceo and he made an additional trip with me to Gualaceo to finally obtain my driver’s license.

Victor “knows the ropes” when working through sometimes complicated procedures, and he does it always with a smile. He speaks perfect English, having lived for seven years in the United States.

Without a doubt, I highly recommend using the services that Victor provides. You won’t be disappointed.


T Johns
098 731 3565
magicJack phone # (347) 606 4595
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