This Friday, new concert of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra

Cuenca, September 20, 2021.- The Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca (CSO) under the baton of Master Augusto Carrión Rhodes, director of the title presents a new concert this Friday, September 24 at 7 PM in the Old Cathedral. The entrance is free in capacity allowed by the cantonal COE (75%) and fulfilling all biosecurity measures.

The repertoire is: Overture La Scala di Seta of Gioacchino Rossini, Czech Suite (Czech) of Antonín Dvořák, and seventh symphony, op. 92 of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Overture La Scala di Seta, Overture of Gioacchino Rossini:

La Scala di Seta (the Silk Staircase) is an opera bufa (as indicated by the composer) operating as a comical farce. It takes place in a single act, with Giuseppe Maria Foppa libretto. It was first represented in Venice, Italy, at the San Moisè Theater on May 9, 1812.

Czech Suite in D Major, Op. 39 of Antonín Dvořák:

This and other works of Dvořák show a special interest in the folk music of their country, and characterizes the national and personal style of it. Dvořák’s orchestral treatment is especially interesting in all of his works. The Czech Suite in D Major, op. 39 is a perfect example of nationalist music of musical nationalism, because Antonín Dvořák, especially known for his symphony of the New World, is the top representative of Czech nationalism in music, and one of the great composers of the second half of the 19th century

Seventh symphony in A Major, op. 92 of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Composed between the autumn of 1811 and May 13, 1812, the date of the manuscript. It was premiered on December 8, 1813 at the University of Vienna, directed by the composer himself, at a beneficial concert for the Austrian and Bavarian soldiers injured in the Napoleonic battle of Hanau on October 30. The concert was very well welcomed by the public and the interpretation was excellent, having great professionals as instrumentalists. Wagner called it “apotheosis of dance”, due to the domain of the rhythmic structure, especially in extreme movements.

On the other hand, on Saturday, September 25 at 8:30 PM the CSO will broadcast through its digital concert and institutional Facebook room, the concert performed by the National Culture Day on August 6 at the House of Culture with the participation of the outstanding soprano, Vanesa Vanea Cuente.

The CSO makes available to your digital concert hall at YouTube where you can find most of the concerts presented so far since 2020.

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