Serrano Health and Fit

Healthy food company, without chemicals or preservatives. Accepting glass as our healthiest container (it maintains the original flavor of the product, longer preservation time, zero contact with plastics and chemicals that alter its original flavor, friendly to the planet as it can be used for various purposes). Products for people who want to improve their consumption habits in favor of a healthier and fitter life. – Elite breakfast for athletes, as well as for people seeking healthy eating. – Favorite salt dressing for your meals such as: sandwiches, salads, minced, pasta and meats. – Product with a high protein level, as well as vitamins. – Product suitable for people with celiac disease, vegetarians, diabetics, overweight people, etc. Check our product catalog.

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099 002 4887
Address: Emiliano Zapata 1-76, Cuenca.


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