Recommendation for Miiira, novelty store

If you are looking for unique gifts, look no further. Miiira has them — fine jewelry, aromatic candles, ceramic pieces, wallets and purses, bird feeders, dog collars, t-shirts and more!

Owner, Alexandra Gálvez, is a delight. She is always cheerful and helpful. There is a state-of-the-art dressing room if you want to try on the t-shirts.

Since we all have to stay protected from the deadly coronavirus, you might like a decorative, organic mask. She has lots of colors and designs.

Where is it? The address is Miguel Cordero Crespo 4-16 y Pasaje Miguel Cordero. It is below a new apartment building called La Verona.

Here’s how you get there if coming by taxi: In the Puertas del Sol neighborhood after you pass Melatte on 12 de abril, continue towards the Cajas and along the Tomebamba. Just before Rio Alto I, there’s a roundabout. Take a left at the roundabout. Then go 2 blocks and take a right. Go forward. You will then either go left or right…go right at Edificio Amalfi. Continue forward and Miiira will be the next building on the right underneath Edificio La Verona. There are even places to park if you have a car.

Address: Miguel Cordero Crespo 4-16 y Pasaje Miguel Cordero

Contact information:

Recommended by Harper Spino: 098 994 3874
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